Artist Spotlight: rthm&flo

Do you ever get the vibe from an artist where you just think that it’s the sweet spot? That’s exactly what rtm&flow does with their music. This Boston based duo is all about bringing vibes that feel like a massive trip out.

With their latest release “Hurricane”, we got thrown into a whole lo-fi esoteric experience that dynamically evolves throughout the tune — it has every perfect element that rthm&flow has to offer. The duo’s influences of Blues, Rock, Pop, RnB, and Rap, makes a clear appearance in their music, this allows for a colorful experience that constantly brings in new flairs to keep you on your toes. This is especially true in “Hurricane”, where it constantly throws in dashes of surprises that range from fresh to nostalgic that your ears can’t help but feel happy about. The duo keeps a very humble and organic approach to their music, they don’t just go and plan how a song will be made, they organically bounce ideas off each other and let the music flow. rthm&flow is not a duo that you will not want to miss out on, thankfully for us, they are planning to keep putting our new singles to keep out ears constantly listening out.

Check out "Hurricane" here.