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Artist Spotlight: Scarlet Parke Is Back and Shining Bright On New Single “Scissors”

Scarlet Parke, originally from Seattle, Washington, is a songwriter, and producer often described as the perfect blend of two musical powerhouses: Amy Winehouse and Ariana Grande. Parke has been named an artist to watch by Refinery 29, Seattle Times, and Voyage LA, and has showcased her talents alongside major artists such as Miguel (Upstream Festival 2017), Lizzo (Capitol Hill Block Party 2019), JP Saxe (Chop Suey 2019), and Bon Entendeur (The Echo 2020).

Scarlet's most recent single, "Scissors," is an exciting look into what we can expect from her upcoming EP. Proving to be a master of melodies on "Scissors" with her captivatingly charming voice, Scarlet exceptionally and seamlessly flows gracefully over this bop of a track. Her tone is simply dazzling, jazzy, dreamy, and soulful; along with Scarlet's witty wordplay and relatable lyrics, gives "Scissors" an edge to its romantic yet rebellious tune.

In her recent interview with BuzzMusic, Scarlet unravels why she wrote the record and the situations she was experiencing at the time. She also gives us some advice we can implement and share with others who need it. Scarlet also mentions some of her inspirations and talks about what's up and coming for her and her career in the future.

We adore Scarlet's talent and are always inspired by everything she does. Her love for creating and singing brings forth a great example for many others who want to achieve what Scarlet has.

Check out the review and full interview with the talented Scarlet here.

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