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Artist Spotlight: SET is the Soundtrack of LA Nights

SET is a multitalented artist from the Inland Empire of Southern California who moved to Los Angeles to chase her dreams. As a child, she fell in love with theatre at school and ended up throwing herself into acting. Years later, SET managed to land roles on the well-known television show Bernie Mac, Fraser, and Strong Medicine. She continued her acting career by pursuing an education at the University of La Verne on a full theatre scholarship.

Although her dream was a career in acting, SET always had a love for music. She was inspired by a diverse set of artists, from Christina Aguilar to Portishead. Having grown up using theatre as her therapy, she now looks to music as another outlet for her emotions.

SET's musical vibe could be described in two words: summer night. SET is always a soundtrack for LA-style vibes with the ability to combine hauntingly poetic lyrics with a euphoric soundscape.

Discover more on SET here.



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