Artist Spotlight: Shayla the Artist Dives Deep Into '90s R&B Vibes

The R&B singer/songwriter Shayla The Artist is an artist who’s voice is simply organic, pure, and full of sultry. This San Jose star is all about bringing smooth R&B vibes but with a '90s flair, you know that vibe with MC Hammer? Those were good times and they are back with Shayla The Artist’s music. Her music style definitely shows in her exotic single “Ride”, this mid-tempo groove shows off the sweet aura of Shayla’s cohesive music. From start to end her music is incredibly well-tuned to be thought out so that each section has its own meaning but still ties in as a whole.

Shayla The Artist’s goal to lose the listeners in her music is definitely reached in “Ride” while listening it is incredibly hard to not feel the nostalgia, dance around, and smile. Shayla The Artist’s music is so positive and easy to listen to that anyone new or old would be able to appreciate it. Shayla is now continuing to work on her second album and after listening to her angelic release “Ride” we are absolutely thrilled to know about the new music that is in the works and cannot wait to hear what else is coming.

Listen to "Ride" and more of Shayla The Artist’s music, here.