Artist Spotlight: Sonic Acrylic Adds Introspection and Depth to His Rock Music

Los Angeles rock artist Sonic Acrylic is showing his heavy and intensified stylings once again here on BuzzMusic. The lyrically-driven artist has only continued his path of self-empowerment and self-knowledge since being here last on BuzzMusic. Sonic Acrylic is your not-so-typical rock composer that has a serious determination to spread a certain understanding to his listeners. Following themes of individuality and self-actualization, Sonic Acrylic really brings an array of themes to light within his very music--a quality we're definitely intrigued by. Combined with the stringent realities of his music, Sonic Acrylic also prefers to pack his songs with a rich and supremely intense rhythm. There won't be a time your blood isn't pumping its hardest with the music of Sonic Acrylic, and we believe this stems from the pure ferocity the artists emulates through his sound. 

Apart from the obvious fact that Sonic Acrylic provides crazy energy to his music, the artist tends to also hone in on growing and constructing new skills to attribute to his ultimate sound. Always finding ways to work on himself as a person, as well as to flourish as an artist, Sonic Acrylic's focus never wavers, and he's keen to push boundaries with the essence of his music. Whatever it is Sonic Acrylic will do next, expect consciously-driven rock expressions. 

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