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Artist Spotlight: Splice Sama Speaks Directly to the Audience

Splice Sama is a Hip-Hop artist whose music will quickly put you into a vibey mood. Every aspect of Splice Sama’s music flows together to create a harmonious low-key soundscape that feels fluid as a whole. Not keeping shy, thriving for desirability, Splice Sama’s latest release “Turn It Up” is one of those tunes that make for a dynamic, harmonically driven experience that you will want to be putting on late at night when you just want to chill out and set a vibe for yourself.

Each beat in Splice Sama’s music flows together, and it clearly shows the amount of effort that Splice Sama went to branch out as an artist and try new things. Splice Sama’s music is there to show his audience how emotionally damaging the younger generation is and to help shine a light on their lives. With the release “Turn It Up,” being something that was specifically created for his own demographic so that they can use the song for any of their TikToks and blogs. Splice Sama knows his audience and is preparing to release two new songs this month; we are definitely excited to hear what’s coming next.



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