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Artist Spotlight: Take A Trip With Red Sun Radio's "i wanna get high"

Ever wonder what being on sonic cloud nine feels like? Well, Red Sun Radio has you covered with the tantalizing atmosphere they serve up in their latest hit, “i wanna get high.”

A scrappy yet lovable collective hailing from New York City, sure to demonstrate their various flairs as they put you at ease with their unmatchable essence. As the pacifying components of “i wanna get high,” offer up a gravitational pull towards this record, you continue to get drawn towards the raw elements that

Red Sun Radio delivers as they shower us in poignant lyrical timbre. Illustrating mysterious images of connection, we’re encouraged to read between the lines as Red Sun Radio transports us to nostalgic and reminiscent headspace.

The slow-tempo composition of “i wanna get high,” makes us want to sway from side to side with our hands up in the air, as we put Red Sun Radio next in the queue.



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