Artist Spotlight: The Matinee Exploits Their Innate Connection to Create Quality Music

Powerful rock band The Matinee is back to show off their thought-provoking music once again. As a refresher, The Matinee consists of members Matt Mayzell, Matt Rose, Pete Lemon, Geoff Petrie, Marcus Abramzik and Georges Couling. Together, the band flourishes with constructing relaxing and harmonious tunes for listeners. 

The Matinee is the kind of band that prefers to touch on stimulating discussion topics within their music. One of the band's recent singles BuzzMusic saw not too long ago was titled "Trouble Is", and the song ventured through the way society connects today. The band is able to effectively get pivotal themes across to listeners, and it mainly stems from their ability to work cohesively with one another. The members of The Matinee have always felt a strong and powerful connection with each other, maintaining a quality friendship with each member the band contains. As a result, we get very introspective lyricism with an extremely complimentary sound. Let's be honest, who doesn't thrive on listening to music with thoughtful composition? Personally, that's the kind of music we seek out, which made us all the happier to find out the band is planning on finishing and releasing their album in the near future.

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