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Artist Spotlight: The Mixing of Kuratii is Back With New Song, "120AM"

If you're craving a quality Hip/Hop production with impactful and compelling beats, then Kuratii is the right kind of artist for you. She extracts influences from big-time artists, such as Pharrell, Timbaland, and Kanye West. Think of similar confidence in terms of those artists' productions and the vitality behind the rhythm. Kuratii generates an identical ambiance, yet with her own subtle, explorative twist.

Kuratii releases "120AM," a song recently featured on BuzzMusic. Once we caught up with her, she elaborated that the true narrative of "120AM" was as accurately depicted in the songs accompanying music video. "120AM" was specifically recorded in Kuratii's home studio, in which she crafted the production for "120AM" completely solo. She's going for a Metro Boomin-type reputation, and with "120AM" being her first freestyle release with another artist, she's definitely on the right track.

Learn more about Kuratii as a producer, as well as her "120AM" music video, in her full BuzzMusic article here.


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