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Artist Spotlight: Theo Write Expresses Gratitude Towards His Co-Creators

After a detailed interview with Theo Write, we began to learn many important facts about the rapper and spiritual creator. Noting that his love for God always comes before his creative endeavors, we learned that his name 'TheoWrite' stems from the biblical name 'Theophilus,' meaning lover of God. Perfectly summing up who he is, a lover of God who writes, Theo prayed for a clearer path and to be able to grow as an artist and overall person. Thus, finally leading Theo to his co-created group Sense7th, consisting of Theo Write, MissAbyss (co-MC), and Rustibones (producer, sound designer, and MissAbyss' husband).

TheoWritementioned that he was truly blessed to land amongst such talented artists with a similar vision. What makes Sense7th all the more interesting is the dynamic levels that each individual brings to help the group thrive. From MissAbyss' poised and radiant female flare that adds balance to Sense7th to the brotherhood that Rustibones andTheoWritehave created, Sense7th genuinely captures that needed chemistry within a successful collective. With a well-balanced group by his side helping him through each creative endeavor, Theo Write has finally found artists to stick with, grow with, help induce change, and be a positive force within the hip-hop world.



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