Artist Spotlight: Timms Tells Us That the Ugly Parts of a Person Are Also Pretty in "Pretty Ugly"

TIMMS is a long time coming Pop artist who has been writing since the age of 8. Originally residing within Johannesburg and then making the big move to LA, TIMMS is here to be completely blunt about her thoughts. With her latest release “Pretty Ugly” being about being bored with every song being about the same story, TIMMS is not afraid to let the world know about what her thoughts are. What makes her music stick out however, is how fun it sounds, using bouncing back and forth rhythms and then layering beautiful vocals on top. TIMMS and her producer Not Famous know the tricks to make a record an enjoyable experience.

TIMMS is an honest entertainer; she doesn’t force herself to write something for the world but music that she likes and hopes that someone else would. This genuinely is something that perfectly goes along with her music and vibe; all she wants to talk about is the fun details - not the generic topics that many artists sing about. However, deep down, there is an underlining message that we feel a lot of people need to hear; the ugly parts of a person are also pretty. We can’t wait to listen to the new tunes that TIMMS has set to release before July, keep your ears peeled.

Discover "Pretty Ugly" here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic TIMMS! Your music is a flavourful mouthful that will likely change some perspectives. Can you elaborate on the message behind your lyrics? ‘Pretty Ugly’ I wrote about one of the first parties I went to when I moved out to LA. I spoke with someone I knew from a while back, who basically came up to me and just gave me a list of his achievements, and said ‘great catching up’, and walked off. It was such a robotic experience. I would much rather have known something raw and real about him, something ‘ugly’. It felt so two dimensional and un-human. I can’t be anything other than my authentic self, and I don’t want to have to apologize for it or curb it for other people. I hope the music and the lyrics bring that across and inspire people to feel comfortable as they are, unpolished - I like you for you, and if you feel like a weirdo, well, then we can be weirdos together.  Compared to most artists, you have a very thinking outside of the box/ignoring the box in the first place attitude that makes your music exciting! How have you come to develop this perspective? I don’t think I’ve ever tried to be out of the box intentionally, I just try to make music I like and I hope someone else out there likes it too. I don’t wanna make something that sounds like the second rate version of anything else - I’d rather take the risk to do something weird and fail than make something safe and pretty. I also like to experiment with sounds and ideas I haven’t really heard before, just because I get bored easily - lol. ‘Pretty Ugly’ starts with an anvil sample and incorporates sounds from horrors, and I think that’s pretty rad. My main collaborator, Not Famous, is really good at adding stuff like that, so we just basically get experimental and unhinged when we make music together - haha. You mentioned that you make music that sounds like what a hairless cat looks like. Can you describe what you mean by this symbol, and compare it to your music style? I just really like Sphynx cats. I like how polarizing they are - people either love them or hate them; people either find them beautiful or really ugly. I love that about them, and I guess I like that philosophy - it felt like a good representation of the music I wanna make. As a young artist, you have already had many major life experiences including a move to America and a college experience at Berklee. Can you tell us how you have grown and evolved from these experiences? How has this inspired your music? I think moving to the US definitely inspired a new level of independence, both personally and professionally. My family still lives in South Africa- so it’s been a journey of self-discovery I did by myself. I don’t think I would know myself as well as I do now if I hadn’t done this solo. That’s helped me to find confidence. I found out that I’m super flawed and broken, but I’m ok with that, and I’m ok with where I am in the journey as I grow and get better. I like to think that the lyrics and the music reflects that.  What can we expect to see from you next? I have a few more tunes coming out before July which I’m super excited about (definitely 2 maybe 3) - and then my plan is to go back into a writing phase to get even deeper and more personal. Once the world is normal again, I can’t wait to start playing shows. My favorite place to be is with the people to are listening to the music - and I can’t wait to see them and connect with them in person. That's what all of this is about at the end of the day - just a genuine human connection.