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Artist Spotlight: TruckerBomb

Country rock fused with a honky-tonk dive bar style is exactly how we would explain TruckerBomb’s new track “Mobridge, South Dakota."

This Los-Angeles built band demonstrates an emotionally mid-tempo ambiance created through their acoustic guitar, drums, and dynamic vocals to generate a scene of a small-town man watching the world pass him by.

Lead vocalist and songwriter, Troy Richardson drew inspiration for this piece as he visited Mobridge for many summers growing up and it was truly a place where nothing really happens.

The swaying dynamics and wise vocals created are able to convey these quiet observations while still managing to hold an effortless groove. Known for his thoughtful observations, Richardson and the other members of TruckerBomb give their all in dive-bar grunge instrumentation paired with wise and passionate vocals.

“Mobridge, South Dakota” is a timeless piece of music created precisely at a time when many individuals can relate and find their world at standstill.



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