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Artist Spotlight: Tucker Woods

Tucker Woods is New York's stimulating Rock and Roll band, and they're striving to put emphasis on flair and eclecticism within the community.

Attaching fun and spontaneous elements to their overall approach, Tucker Woods crafts energetic atmospheres that pulsate authentically vibrant tonalities. Their ability to do such crafting is what stimulates such a pure connection between artist and listener, ultimately inspiring in varying ways. 

Tucker Woods can often take on either more serious or playful melodies and lyricism, which sparks great ambidexterity within their sound. Bringing in disparate rhythms across various eras, Tucker Woods often cast productions that feel extremely balanced, all while being wide-ranging.

The most recent inspirations from Tucker Woods would include pushing for more novel music and wanting to continue the writing and recording of such forward music. Keeping a positive perspective in mind, Tucker Woods is only advancing their sound from here and seeing where the music flows.

Discover Tucker Woods and their authentically-driven sound here.



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