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Artist Spotlight: TuskHead's Honest and Humbling Approach to Music

TuskHead takes an honest approach to his music, infusing it with elements of personal experiences he has lived through. On his latest single "Regrets," TuskHead took the opportunity to work through his own feelings of disappointment in a humbling and honest delivery. His heartfelt idealisms are ever-present in his songwriting and musical compositions as he emplores himself to discover new sounds and instrumental ensembles.

TuskHead began writing solo instrumental music; as his experience grew, so did the use and experimentation with other instruments. TuskHead believes incorporating and trying new forms of instrumentation is pivotal in honing in on an artist's style and voice. Finding an instrument that fits a particular genre and, more importantly, a sound that best suits his own voice has enabled TuskHead to flourish as an artist. TuskHead will be taking some time over the summer to work on his next album as well as reconnecting with fans around Europe, busking throughout the historic city centers. We cannot wait to hear more from TuskHead.

Discover "Regrets" here

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