Artist Spotlight: Twinspan's Dares You To Sit Still With "Stasis"

Sizzling in high impact energy, Twinspan reigns as a three-piece Metal band serving up dynamism.

Throughout various alterations in their journey, they have found their solidified resonance and members in the likes guitarist/vocalist Matt Delcambre, bassist/vocalist Reid Markham and drummer Patrick Case.

Delivering a sweltering sound on their latest release, “Stasis,” they wanted to bring the heat to listeners all over. Dripped in ever-changing tempos, energetic vocals, impressive bass-lines, and forceful rhythm that fills the speakers, Twinspan shifts between numerous sonic elements to make this record a full-on composition.

As this lively record explodes upon impact, the instrumentation can be deemed as intricate with the careful consideration that went into creating a space for every component to shine. “Stasis,” is wrapped up in layers of heated deliveries while they encourage their listeners to get lost in the music as they fully engage themselves in this weighty production.

Twinspan does not disappoint and if you’re looking to take the edge off or put the edge on, we have your newest vice.

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