Artist Spotlight: Walk the Waves Leaves a Mark With Their Music

The LA-based Pop group, Walk The Waves, is all about creating '80s inspired modern music full of excitement from start to end. Consisting of members Davison and Daniel Ancheril, and Jazley Chua, the music being created is full of ethereal textures that resonate with your soul to create dramatic but moving experiences. This is true in their latest release "Leave a Scar," the use of honest vocals, dynamic guitar patterns, rock-solid bass-lines, spaced-out synths, and '80s fused dramatic drums, Walk The Waves is here to bring you the rhythm of your night.

Since forming one and a half years ago, Walk The Waves has been writing music that comes from personal stories that range from relationships to struggles that any of the members have gone through. Then using creative processing such as pitch shifting, distorted delay, and reverbs, Walk The Waves transform the music being recorded into out of this world soundscapes that are then mixed by Jazley before being sent to be mastered by the legendary Chris Gehringer. Walk The Waves is planning once the current pandemic is over to begin touring and building their brand across the United States to help spread the energy within their music.

Listen to "Leave a Scar" here. #BUZZMUSIC