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As Magical as His Name, ZTAR MAGIC Released the Explosive Single “ZKEPTICAL”

“ZKEPTICAL” by ZTAR MAGIC here! ZTAR MAGIC released his single titled “ZKEPTICAL” and we were not prepared for the banger that was about to hit us! This song began EXPLOSIVE, with a beat cut at the beginning that was perfectly arranged to get you hyped! The lyrics were super catchy. The hook, the verses, and the whimsical comical relief that was added lightly underneath the lyricism made this single really well-executed.

ZTAR MAGIC had an aggressive delivery with a chaotic and abrasive vocal tone that added emphasis on the dynamics of “ZKEPTICAL”. his song shows ZTAR’s fire/rough-edgy side he has! He’s bold, confident, and unforgiving, and these characteristics translate well through “ZKEPTICAL”. “ZKEPTICAL” is the type of song that I’ll blast in, my car speakers, when I’m trying to get super hype and energetic. Each arrangement that “ZKEPTICAL” had brought the song into new elevated dimensions. ZTAR MAGIC is more than just a rapper, he’s a superstar. His star quality radiates through “ZKEPTICAL” and you can’t help but fall immensely in love with him as an artist. After listening to “ZKEPTICAL” you’ll find yourself waiting for the next ZTAR MAGIC hit that you can get crunk to! We can't wait to see what's next in 2020!



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