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Ascend with Scott Howard to a New Path of Enlightenment with His New Single “Come with Me”

Through a tragic loss of his son Maxx one year ago, Scott Howard's dream is to raise awareness of human ascension. He has created his album, "Ascended Man" in hopes of “helping the earth and all inhabitant awaken to their true potential”. He channels his experiences to speak on his hope, inspiration, and belief in the human spirit. Howard’s dream is to perform in worldwide ambiances like; the Wall of China, Angkor Wat, Tianmen Mountain, Tibet, India, and the Giza Pyramids. Tuned to 432 Hz, Scott uses the same frequency of the world's most recognized composers including; Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach. Howard's distinctive style draws on rock, contemporary and pop influences to produce a smooth harmonious ballet.

“Come With Me” is a spiritual journey for listeners to transcend in their minds and souls. The soulful vibes and catchy chorus, “so come with me and let me be the one, to open your dreams to the fantasy”. Not only is this works musically but always visually appealing as the artist incorporates various landscapes to soothe and calm the senses. Scott reminds us that love is a supreme power that knows no bounds. This is a powerful message that we can all resonate with!

Listen to "Come With Me" here.

Hi Scott, thank you for sharing your truths about ascension in your newest album Ascended Man. Can you tell us when you first reach ascension and understood a new spiritual experience?

I truly believe that we are all on individual journeys, but the path that connects us all is paved with both great highs and great lows which teach us to be better, to grow, to ascend. For me, it took looking at myself through another lens, a different perspective - to better understand the world around me and the changes that were taking place within. Four years ago I purchased a Nikon P900 and began taking photographs of anything and everything - trees, people, the sky. I was searching for answers through the lens of my camera. The search became part of the photographic process for me and I began playing with filters, graphics, and through these developments, a woman with a crown appeared in the photo. It was a strange experience - I was excited, scared, wondered what else was behind the various levels of light and shadow in the world around me. That was really the beginning of my ascension, my wake-up call to the ‘other’ things we take for granted. My music reflects this change in my frequency journey of tapping into other realms and awakening which occurs daily.  My music can really fit into several categories - for the everyday listener it may be described as rock, but for the seekers, it is truly ‘Source Music’ performed at 432 Hz. which will help awaken the listener and raise the frequency of all beings.  

We appreciate that you have suffered an imaginable lost and through this experience have been able to create not only soulful music but lyrics that speak to human awakening. What was the hardest thing about producing this album and how did you undercome it?  

My music reflects my life experiences which include both pain and loss, but most importantly LOVE. Throughout life, we all have doubts about the important decisions we make: the way we raise our children, the way we interact with family members, major career moves, etc. With technology, there has been ever-increasing momentum throughout the industry and even the communication methodologies of basic interaction. The world today is far different from the world I grew up in.  When my son passed away and I began searching for answers in my great devastation, I sat in my studio, in utter despair, and put all of the emotions I had into writing music and lyrics for Ascended Man. In those songs are my true love, my fear, my pain - literally my ascension, my awakening, is embedded into the frequency of those songs.   My next album, “The Language of Clouds” holds the next wave of my journey and brought me out of the life-stopping despair and into the seat of love.

You are known for tuning your guitar to 432 Hz, can you explain why this is important to you?

In order to discuss the importance of 432 Hz, we must discuss science. The resonating frequency of the natural earth before any outside electronic introductions is 7.8 Hz.  432 Hz is the harmonic frequency of 7.8 Hz (the wave resounds the same but is amplified to an exponentially equal frequency that can be heard and physically felt.) While the frequency of the world we live in has increased so greatly due to manufactured electronic introductions (wifi, cell phone towers 4G/5G) we have found that humans are resonating at frequencies unnatural to their organic development. With my music, I am attempting to bring man back to his original and natural state of peace and beauty. Some have called 432 Hz the frequency of love, or the frequency of God, but whatever you call it - listening to my music at 432 Hz is scientifically proven to heal.

How do you see your music evolving in the coming years?  

My music evolves like my own DNA. I believe that as I learn more truths in my reality, my music will reflect my own growth and ascension.  While my music can resonate with any positive interaction, my goal is to encourage deep personal growth and the awakening within my fans.  I think if you start your journey with ASCENDED MAN,  the next album will continue to usher you into your journey of truth.

Given that your dream is to have your “source music” heard in magical realms, how do you plan to make this dream come true?  

As music is heard throughout the world, my dreams begin to manifest. If you learn to pray right…using the right words….you manifest.   I believe, if my dream is to play Giza, Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, the Mayan pyramids, our own Sedona, Red Rock.  Serpent Mound ... if this is my dream…it is also my reality… when I do play in these wonderful places in 432Hz, it will reverberate throughout the world.

What's next for you?

I will be in Billboard Magazine’s November issue while three of my songs are currently played on radio stations throughout the country like KTHX Reno, NV, and WFIV Farragut, KY. I am working on the next album “The Language of Clouds” that will be an artistic project combining music, visuals, and photography. Fans will be able to connect with us from the comfort of their homes with the Ascended Man Concert in 432 Hz that will stream on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Live. There are a lot of deeply manifested works in the pipeline that I am excited to share with my fans, for whom I have the deepest respect. Thank you for joining me on this Ascended Journey, and look out for our website updates in the next few weeks where you can become a registered Ascended Fan and have first access to our events, streaming, and particularly our Ascension merchandise which will feature products that no other artist has offered to their fans before.



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