Ashley White Releases New Single 'By My Side'

Since releasing her debut EP – Hallelujah, Love – in March of 2018, Ashley White a singer-songwriter from Nashville, TN has been growing, risking, dreaming, & reminiscing.

As long as Ashley can remember, she’s been singing. Starting with the muses from Disney’s Hercules movie, then taking to singing in church. Spending her time in bands & leading worship in various ministries, Ashley took the time to observe her surroundings, allowing songs & vision to stir under the surface for a few years, all the while falling madly in love with her surroundings.

Ashley invites her listeners to something more with her soulful voice & honest lyrics. She sees belief as a process of fullness, however someone may perceive that.  Her songs tell a story of seeking the Greater Things in mundane days and melodies sung amongst tears and laughter. She hopes that her music serves as an invitation and provides ways for us to go deeper into mystery.

Ashley White has recently released her new single 'By My Side' from her new EP 'Hallelujah, Love'. Ashley's voice has an angelic tone throughout the entire song, making it a dreamy creative work of art. Her voice is airy and sweet, alike the iconic Florence Welch from Florence + the Machine.

While listening to Ashley's single 'By My Side' and her EP 'Hallelujah, Love', you can hear gospel roots spread throughout each song combining all her creative elements, making the EP whole.

'By My Side' is music to our ears and sends shivers down our spines. The song starts slow with Ashley on the keys. When Ashley's vocals kick in, you get instant goosebumps. Ashley is giving you a song that sounds like something you'd listen to on a rainy day and it would instantly make you feel better, or something you listen to when you're going through a hard time and need some direction. 'By My Side' gives you that direction. It reminds you to have faith. With faith, everything will be okay.

We highly recommend you take a listen. Once you do, you'll instantly fall for her sultry unique voice and will be adding it to all your self-love playlists. Stream to 'By My Side' on Spotify.

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