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Ashley Woodruff has us Swooning Over her Latest Album, 'Distanced'

Based out of Sudbury, Ontario, Ashley Woodruff remains dominating in her Pop/Adult Contemporary genre with the release of her latest album, 'Distanced.' Ashley Woodruff developed her hunger for singing and songwriting from a very early age and began taking vocal lessons when she was 11. From there, she was able to develop her wide vocal range through classical training, making her the artist she is today. Her performance background is all thanks to recitals and school talent shows, along with hard-work and dedication.

Ashley started writing and recording her self-titled debut album, which was released in 2018. Following the success of that project, she released three singles in 2019 and is back with her creative mind bringing her highly anticipated album, 'Distanced.'

The initial song on this project, "Taking My Heart Back," is a heartfelt love ballad that showcases the performance of sparkling, upbeat keys and the rhythmic groove of drums to accompany a passionate and present vocal from Ashley Woodruff. She stays telling a story of how she'll be fine without the person who took away her heart. Her positive outlook on what would be a somber scenario adds a brighter tone, giving a glimmer of hope to what she can accomplish in this introduction record.

"Forever and a Day" is the following track on this album. It begins with the strumming of soft and somber chords on an acoustic guitar that then introduces the deep harmonious components that Ashley Woodruff displays in her songwriting and performance. Her talents strike our ears with a memorable pre-chorus and chorus that we can all sing along to. This song showcases a wider vocal scale and fierce attendance for Ashley Woodruff. We are given an instrumental break at the bridge that prepares us for the final chorus and outro before we get drawn into the next song on, 'Distanced.'

Dark and present instrumentation opens up the song, "Prove Me Wrong," where we are quickly pulled in with the sparse yet entrancing composition before us. The vocals that Ashley Woodruff showcases take us into the sincere storytelling of hurt and despair through the well-crafted scripted lyrics. Each element that is brought together continues to add a new essence before closing off this chapter and progressing to the next track where all of our emotions are being visited.

The fourth song, "The Feeling," has us feeling nostalgic with the opening organ giving off 70's psychedelic energy. This track instigates dominant features once Ashley Woodruff comes in with her clear and present vocals that are speaking on affection through this bodacious love ballad. You can hear the ambient medley of sorrows that take us on a sonic voyage through this record, and they accompany harmonious sounds until the end of the song.

"Looking Back" begins with the kind of cinematic electropop energy we expect from a Molly Ringwald film. We are then greeted with Ashley Woodruff showcasing her wide vocal range on her pulsing, upbeat verses. The chorus remains a spotlight for the instrumentation giving it the stage it deserves on this record.

"In My Dreams" is the sixth song off of 'Distanced,' and it displays a haunting ambiance with the instrumentation and vocals being showcased. You can hear the atmospheric assortment of echoes and harmonies that star in this slowed down ballad that joins the vocal performance from Ashley Woodruff and the composition in a striking relationship.

Picking up the pace, "The Same" opens up with the crisp, rhythmic essence of a product that contains powerful origins. This kicks our energy up a notch. You can hear the passion and drive in the presentation of Ashley Woodruff's vocals that create a melodic atmosphere that could accompany you through any feat in your life. The up-tempo vibes that we get make this record the standout track at the more than the halfway point in the album.

"Summer Love" begins with the playing of a synth that hits our vivid and sophisticated palate on the instrumentation spectrum. This magnetism in this track caters to the innovative elements of a summery utopia. The works of the instrumentation bring in all of the beloved features of a summer jam that carries into all seasons with the fierce and powerful vocals of Ashley Woodruff.

Next up, we deliberate the memento with a wholehearted and genuine ballad-like, "Clarity." This record that initiates the tugging of our heartstrings conveys us through the evolution of a gentle, nevertheless prevailing melody. Ashley Woodruff displays the capability of her vocal and songwriting performance in yet another manner, grasping away at our inner sentiments.

"Tonight" commences with soft and uplifting sounds that remind us of a 1980s movie script. The nostalgia transfers us into the light, reverberated motions that Ashley Woodruff and the music exude. This specific song on 'Distanced' develops with the lyrics and wide vocal range that are hit with striking harmonies on the outro. The second last song on the album, and we find it has logically received its tracklist placement for a resilient polish.

"Somewhere in There" is the final song on "Distanced," and it begins with the powerful strikes of Tom drums creating a triumphant finish to this story. The dreamy components of the added synth that pair with Ashley Woodruff's vocals introduce a wide range of musical components to close this division of her artistic journey in an iridescent method. The combined elements add a new quintessence before this layer completes and leaves us all wanting to hit replay.

After listening to 'Distanced,' we appreciate the direct correlation between the work of art itself and the title it has earned. This album acts as a story that remains to grow and progress in its musical layers. The tracklist was strategically placed to give the listeners the ultimate sound voyage this project deserves. From the assortment of instruments used in the composition of the beats to the diverse vocal talents of Ashley Woodruff, you can hear the passion that went into this piece of work.


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