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Ashton Butler Has Us Wrapped Around His Finger on, “You Only Love Me When You’re Drinking"

Ashton Butler, Tennessee country and classic Nashville-sounding artist, brings his undertone of grit and soul in his recent release, "You Only Love Me When You're Drinking."

Following the independent success of his last single, "Bottle And A Broken Heart", Ashton Butler brings more to the table for listeners to enjoy and relax. His calming vocals bleed through this record and have you swaying and entertained by the classical country strings. He quotes one of the iconic lines from the famous Picasso, "The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will".

"You Only Love Me When I'm Drinking" describes his feelings toward this woman. His pain and longing for something worthwhile have him in shambles, having to write this record to perfectly explain the overload of emotions. He mentions how he knows she gets lonely and waits for her call but still feels shame that she only loves him when she's drinking.

The classic Nashville sound and emotional, heartfelt lyricism drive this record to a special scenic place for the listener to intake and experience as if they were side-by-side - you'll feel as if you're going through it with him. "The feelings got me sinking, knowing what you're thinking, you only love me when you're drinking" get expressed in the chorus of this classic record, emphasizing his loneliness when thinking about his love.

"You're at the bottom of the bottle; I'm at the bottom of this glass," expresses the separation and sadness he's enduring and pondering on while going through the motions. The western-type string melodies help the listener visualize exactly what Ashton Butler's singing about, sorrow, pain, and desire. Overall, "You Only Love Me When I'm Drinking" is an experience of a lifetime, beautifully depicting Ashton's raw and inspiring talent.

Stream and support Ashton Butler's latest classic release, "You Only Love Me When You're Drinking," on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ashton Butler. We adored the smooth and sensual sound of your atmospheric hit, "You Only Love Me When You're Drinking." What inspired this passionate and sultry song? The inspiration for "You Only Love Me When You’re Drinking" came from seeing many people alone at the bars I play. Every time I would see someone alone, I would kind of think of the story in my head that led them to be where they are.

What was the most rewarding part about creating "You Only Love Me When You're Drinking?" What did you appreciate most from the experience? One of the most rewarding parts about the process of this tune was being able to work with great musicians and a great producer to help me capture that swingy Country feel. What was your experience writing the relatable and honest lyrics for "You Only Love Me When You're Drinking?" Did you write your lyrics entirely solo? I wrote this song with one of my really good friends Collin Rolf. We got together in the writing room and kinda talked about our own experiences, and then we tried to put them into song form. And that’s where this tune came from.

How did you want the production and sonics in "You Only Love Me When You're Drinking" to make listeners feel? What was your goal with the song's overall atmosphere?

While writing this song, our main goal was to create something that was relatable but also something that was catchy and easy to sing along to. We wanted to make the listener feel like they were in that bar with the neon lights and like they have lived in that situation before.

What's next for you?

Moving forward, I am always working on new music, and I am still trying to hold my craft as a songwriter and artist, but many great things are to come! Stay tuned!

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