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ASSAL and Village Boy Prince Deliver a Club Rattling Single "Wine Pon"

ASSAL is a Los Angeles, CA, based, German-born artist who specializes in creating exciting music that has flairs of exotic melodies, Middle Eastern percussion, spicy afrobeat, and fanatic trap elements that make for moving experiences. Since beginning her career, ASSAL has recorded at Kanye West’s Label studio No Name Studios and has performed alongside iconic DJ’s and artists that include Gwen Stefani, and Jermih. Recently, alongside Village Boy Prince, ASSAL has released the stylistically infused single “Wine Pon” and we cannot get enough of it.

“Wine Pon” opens up with a Caribbean steel drum that then introduces some grooving organic percussion that beautifully leads to Village Boy Prince’s calm, honest, yet thought-provoking vocals that beautifully compliment the shininess of ASSAL’s sparkly vocals. This is one of those records that you can easily find playing at the club, speaking of what it’s like to dance with that perfect partner, “Wine Pon” will easily get the whole dance-floor moving. “Wine Pon” keeps a patient, yet driving groove that keeps a constant pulse that makes it incredibly easy to listen to. We are loving the vibes radiating from “Wine Pon” and cannot wait to hear what is coming next from ASSAL.

You can listen to “Wine Pon” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic ASSAL! We are loving the vibes you have going on in “Wine Pon”, what was the inspiration behind the songwriting? Do you have any type of personal connection to the lyrics?

"Wine Pon" is a feel-good track, I wanted to make sure you dance when you heard the song. I produced it a while ago and played it for Prince when we connected during Christmas actually. He loved it and the lyrics just organically came about while we were vibing.  The duet-like performance between you and Village Boy Prince really has our hearts glowing, what was it like to work together? How did you meet? I got connected to Prince through a friend, we were all in LA during Christmas. I had to stay in LA for work and was bummed I couldn’t make it back home so I set up sessions almost every day. One of them was with Prince. After connecting and hearing his story and where he is from I really wanted to do it collab with him. He’s amazing.  Your sound has a whole range of styles infused within, how has growing up in Germany while being raised by Persian parents influenced the music you are creating? I grew up listening to a lot of Persian/Arabic music. My parents would always play music and dance and in Germany, I was exposed to a range of different sounds from electronic to hip hop. I think all those sounds influenced me in a way. 

How do you feel you have grown as an artist since your release “Habibi Cafe”? What types of challenges have you faced doing it all on your own? I love doing it all on my own, I love that I can actually create exactly what I want without having to explain it to a producer. The only challenge I’m facing is that it takes up a lot of time to produce, vocal produce mix, and master. But I gladly accept that challenge.  What else can we expect for 2020? A lot more music! I am currently working on a project and a bunch of more features.  This quarantine is not stopping me lol.



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