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Astronaut Cult Delivers With “S.O.U.L”

Astronaut Cult is an electronic dance music and art project whose purpose is to move the body and soul with the deep bass lines, hypnotic rhythms, alongside touching melodies. Deeply inspired by the traditions of house, hiphop, latin music, and jungle, but always looking ahead towards the future.

Astronaut Cult released the single titled “S.O.U.L” and this was a dance hit that’s much needed for this summer! The rhythm and groove of the production had the energy in my body flowing! We were snatched into the realm of electronic dance music. If you in tune yourself with the production of the beat you’ll hear many of the rooted hypnotic and traditional house bass lines. This is the perfect song that could be played at a festival or local electronic club! It’s bound to get the energy of the crowd, hyped! It’s eclectic, electrifying, and all-around a blast! “S.O.U.L” was a nicely orchestrated hit. We couldn’t help but find ourselves completely immersed inside the entire record. Astronaut Cult takes their listener through multiple transitions, peaks, and valleys in this detailed record. An experience that’s quite memorable, you’ll find yourself wanting more after just one listen of this record. Get out on the dance floor, and let yourself roam wild with “S.O.U.L”

Listen to "S.O.U.L" here and get to know more about Astronaut Cult below!

Hello Astronaut Cult! The style of Electronic Music could be easily misunderstood by others! What’s so special about this genre for you as an artist!?

I find that the main misunderstanding revolves around the fact that electronic music is mostly instrumental and has few vocals. Although I do enjoy making vocal dance tracks from time to time, I find magic in being able to speak through grooves, basslines, and melodies. I feel that electronic music has the potential to invoke visceral reactions in people that other genres can’t match.

We’re well aware on the amount of skill needed to create a produced hit like “S.O.U.L” ! What were some challenges you’ve faced in the creation of this record?

One difficulty I had while making S.O.U.L was striking a balance between a darker underground sound, like something you hear at a techno club at 3am, and something you would hear at a festival main stage. Additionally, it was hard for me to to keep the track so minimal - I usually make my music with more layers.

What’s your favorite part in creating music and why?

It would have to be its iterative nature. When a track is born, with enough care it gets better and better with time. This might be a 6 month or 1 month process, but it’s always thrilling. The fact that it’s not exactly time dependant is also exciting. Some of my best tracks were done in a week.

What was the major theme you were aiming for in “S.O.U.L” ?

My main inspiration for this track was trying to re-create the “yin-yang”-like feeling that one gets on the dancefloor between deep introspection and extroversion and interaction with your surroundings. It’s a theme I want to keep exploring in my music.

What’s next for you Astronaut Cult?

I’ll be releasing lots more tasty house music and maybe even some techno! However, in the short term I’ll be releasing a Billie Eilish remix really soon! Keep an eye out for that one, it’s a banger. I have some RnB, latin, and hiphop tracks I want to release soon too ;)


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