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At Long Last, Marc Oliver Is “Coming Home”

San Diego-based recording artist and singer-songwriter Marc Oliver's music career has been exceptional. With all the chaos happening around the world, he's proud to be finally "Coming Home," as noted in his latest lush single.

Oliver's sound is best described as a unique blend of R&B, alternative rock, pop, and rock music. Quite the versatile musician and artist, he's toured the world and shared stages with artists like Jewel, Pat Benatar, and John Legend. Having released his debut album, The Matrix, and solid singles like the popular "Outlaw," Marc Oliver embraces his roots in his newest release, "Coming Home."

The new single is a breath of fresh air. It's a reminder that there's no place like home. We've had the chance to feature several of Marc Oliver's singles this year, and this one is the cream of the crop. While his recent tunes lean towards a more positive, uplifting tone, "Coming Home" is rooted in it, reminding listeners that home is indeed where the heart is.

Diving deeper into "Coming Home," the tune starts with a bright, beaming pop-rock instrumental with subtle electronic elements, warm acoustic guitars, and sweet piano melodies. While expressing how our time on this earth is limited, and he's found plenty of time to cause trouble, Marc Oliver is finally embracing his journey back to his roots.

The song is the pick-me-up we needed. It's an uplifting reminder that home isn't just where we lay our heads but where we find our ultimate comfort. It makes you wonder if the home he's referring to is less of a place and more of a person, but that's up to your interpretation. Overall, it's a refreshing piece highlighting how we'll always have a place (or person) to call home, no matter where life takes us.

Do yourself a favor and feast your ears on the latest feel-good piece from Marc Oliver. Find "Coming Home" on all digital streaming platforms.

A warm welcome back to BuzzMusic, Marc Oliver! We're head over heels for the feel-good, uplifting message in your latest single, "Coming Home." What inspired this passionate and anthemic piece? 

This song came from some personal troubles. I wrote this about coming home, like returning to myself. No matter the ups and downs, I can always find my way home. 

What was your songwriting process like when penning the personal lyrics in "Coming Home"? What was your favorite part about that process? 

I had gotten home from somewhere and just played it at the piano. Wrote this in about 30 minutes. I already heard it when I started writing. Sometimes, it's crazy how some emotions pour out into something cool. 

In your own words, what did you want to get across to listeners in "Coming Home?" What was your goal in that respect?

It's okay not to be the best person and make mistakes; these are things we hold on our shoulders. It's okay to say them out loud and know you can always return to yourself, coming home to who you are. 

How would you describe the sound and style of your instrumentals in "Coming Home"? Did you work alongside musicians or producers to help bring that aspect to life? 

I wrote it on the piano, as I do most of my music. The hook just came out with the keys, and as always, I finished what I could, then I rolled over to Beto's studio, we worked through it, we played out the instruments he produced it, and then it's done, and then we put it out. 

We must add; "Coming Home" and "DREAMERS" carry a different vibe and approach than your smash hit, "Outlaw." What inspired you to release two cheerful, uplifting songs after living the "Outlaw" life? 

Well, we outlaw always need a warm place to sleep. Haha. I don't overthink about writing songs in a particular genre. I write songs. I needed to think more about what needs to sound a certain way or what others want to hear. I write, and if it is soft, sexy, funky, whatever, it just is. I love the idea that when we watch movies or live through the day. Every moment has a different feeling, a different song that fits that emotion or time. So that's how I flow through it—just letting it flow. 


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