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At Only 15 Years Old, Nxsser Is Making Waves Globally

With over 2 million Spotify streams, Nxsser (Abdel Naser Mohammad A Alhusaini) has emerged as one of the recognizable names in the slap house and dance genre.

His groovy sound also dabbles in deep house and tech house. He debuted in the scene in 2021 and has since produced many songs, such as “Alors On Danse,” which has received over 700 thousand streams on Spotify, and “Fall In,” which received over 600 thousand views on YouTube and 200 thousand streams on Spotify.

The talented Jordanian producer has also already had a slew of top-notch releases under his belt, as his music has been released through Lithuania HQ, TREMBLE By ATLAST, Street Phonk Records, and Sony Music, among other top-tier EDM labels and other independent releases.

Nxsser continues to make global headway as one of the most popular EDM artists in Jordan, with over 10 thousand people listening to his music every month.

His music has been supported by Tiesto, Sevenn, Tungevaag, and many more.

The next steps for Nxsser are to continue mastering his craft to the maximum perfection as a producer, hone his skills as a DJ, and perform worldwide.

Connect with Nxsser on social media.


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