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At Only, "Fourteen," Arielle Perez is Making Major Moves

Filipino-Canadian recording artist, singer, and songwriter, Arielle Perez hails from Ontario, Canada.

With numerous accolades she remains proud of, one of which being a member of the Juno-Nominated girl group, Girl Pow-R, she is no stranger to the spotlight. Moonlighting as a model and pianist on top of her many artistic talents, Arielle Perez lives a life knowing that anything is possible if you work hard and never give up on your dreams.

Within her most recent EP, 'Fourteen,' Arielle Perez releases five songs to her audience that captivate soul-infused melodies on a sonic blanket of captivating warmth. Collaborating with Jan Jansen and James Nickle in the music composition and production, this project also features Elena Thompson on violin as we get serenaded in sweet sounds.

Commencing 'Fourteen,' with the delicate yet prevailing performance of the introductory single, “Beyond Your Tears,” Arielle Perez radiates in the spotlight of empowerment through victorious sounds leaning on the structure of optimistic reinforcement.

Lending an auditory shoulder to cry on towards her listeners, Arielle Perez offers the tantalizing comfort exuded within her prominent messaging that reiterates, ‘life can be exciting, beyond your tears.’

The slow-tempo instrumentation that weighs in heavily on powerful keys, sways into realms of Classical ballads accompanying the Pop cascades as she eloquently vocalizes a colossal performance that roars the growth and maturity one takes with them through years of wisdom.

The second song to be found on the tracklist is the soothing effervescence of, “Without You.” Dancing towards a more mid-tempo approach, the poignant harmonies that are offered up by Arielle Perez are remarkable as they add the seamless fortified foundation for her heavenly vocals to lay upon. The subjects approached by Arielle Perez have us longing for an emotional connection. With the instrumentation touching on more complex themes as the composition grows as a whole, we find the listening experience an ambiance that rules the ethereal universe that Arielle Perez welcomes us into so effortlessly.

“Broken Pieces,” comes in third on the tracklist as the vivid evolution of, 'Fourteen,' expands our mindset. The elusive vocal range that is explored by Arielle Perez has us truly astonished as she flourishes into an atmosphere that exudes raw emotion. Allowing the audience to connect with her on a more intrapersonal level, Arielle Perez develops her sound into a more mature theme in the lyrical motifs that she represents. As the instrumentation takes the back seat in simple pleasures that don’t overdo the complexity, Arielle Perez’s melodious harmonies fill the elusive soundscape as we submit to her artistic talents.

In the more Pop forward masterpiece that is, “Find the Way,” Arielle Perez can be heard discussing body image and unrealistic standards that teens have to live up to when in reality the world should be loving the individual within. With a pep in her step, Arielle Perez flaunts her motivational canvas as she encourages others to look at the repercussions that this can have on developing minds. A beautiful display of storytelling methods combined with the structured songwriting components allows for this song to stand out as the vital offering that hits all trademarks of an anthem.

As we come to the fifth and final song, “Fourteen,” we reach the title track and all it has to offer in closing this chapter of Arielle Perez’s established divisions. The smooth as butter instrumentation trickles into Jazz and R&B vibrations as, “Fourteen,” seamlessly infiltrates your mind, allowing you to transition to the sky-high, feathery cloud-nine spectrum of the sonic voyage. Drawing into the emotional vulnerability that she emits throughout the project, Arielle Perez addresses her young age of fourteen years old and having numerous lessons to learn on her journey. Embracing the angelic timbres, intoxicating harmonies, and overall buoyant expressions, we capture the spirited essence of Arielle Perez as we reach the end of this EP.

Congratulations on the release of your EP, ‘Fourteen,’ and welcome to BuzzMusic, Arielle Perez. At such a young age, you cover subject matter that exudes maturity! What was your inspiration behind the overall themes of, ‘Fourteen?’

Thank you BuzzMusic for having me! “Fourteen” is my very first EP containing 5 original songs. The original songs are all about everything I've learned in my 14 years of life, when push comes to shove, I'll always keep going no matter what. In this EP, I talk about some of the struggles my relatives and I have gone through but I will always continue to strive for greatness in my life.

What was it like working with the many people involved in the production of this EP? Was this the first time you experienced the entire process of a release like this?

Bringing this EP to life was absolutely amazing! This is my first time releasing something big like this at the age of 14 and having fun while learning at the same time is something I can cherish for the rest of my life. I got to work with so many new people such as Jan Jansen of BluePurple Records who is now my manager, producer and is responsible for my tracks, James Nickle of Cleveland Sound Lab (recording vocals), and Elena Thompson (plays the violin on 'Broken Pieces').

Out of the five tracks offered up on the project, do you have a specific song that resonates with you more than the others? What’s your reasoning behind this?

All of the songs in the EP resonate with me but I would say "Fourteen" is a song that connects with me the most. Fourteen is about not only my perspective as a teenager but all teenagers in general. Nowadays, teenagers are starting to feel insecure and their self-esteem goes down. I wanted to let them know that it's going to be okay and they can continue to reach for their dreams just like I am.

With the numerous accolades that you’ve experienced throughout your career, what is your proudest moment in the music industry?

I would say the proudest moment I've had in my music career was releasing this EP because at the age of 14, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined being able to release my first EP! Not everyone at my age has the chance to do this and I'm so thankful and blessed that I was given the opportunity to showcase my talent to the world.

What can listeners expect to hear from you in terms of your sound moving forward?

I am hoping to write and release more original songs for all of my supporters and for more updates on my music, you guys can follow me on Instagram, @AriellePerezOfficial, or Facebook, Arielle Perez.



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