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At-Risk Youth Is Ready To Make A Gamble On Love In “Lysander”

The Colorado-based trio explores new boundaries and expands its sound with its new release. With their dynamic sound and willingness to think outside the box, At-Risk Youth has gained a loyal following and continues to impress with each new release.

Composed of Mark K. Foreman (lead vox, guitar), Ryan Hartline (drums) and Ali Belone (bass), the dynamic trio has quickly separated themselves from their peers with their penchant for capturing emotion and catchy choruses. Often crafting their music to fit specific themes, At-Risk Youth is proficient at forging connections with their audiences, creating soundscapes that convey the emotions they design their songs to embody.

At-Risk Youth’s previous release, “Sweet Demon,” received a stellar reception; At-Risk Youth looks to follow up on their significant momentum with the equally riveting “Lysander.” Whereas “Sweet Demon” was about the allure of temptation and featured a smoother rhythm, “Lysander” is a heartfelt love song that explores the gamble of falling in love. The inspiration came to Foreman while he was auditioning for another band, and it aims to capture the nervousness of taking a chance on love and the desperation and angst one feels while doing so.

Featuring instrumentals that start with a subdued yet hopeful sound, the guitar and bass quickly explode, mimicking the buildup, expectations, and explosions of emotion one feels when you part your heart on the line. Lines like “I take a breath / 'Cause I can't spit it out / I'm pretty sure / But I'm still full of doubt” intense feelings of deliberation, while lines like “And when you smile / It all comes crashing down on me / I need the shock / Of sudden clarity” captures the angst we feel waiting to know where we stand in the heart of the target of our affections. Ultimately, “Lysander” has a simple message; love, like a gamble, can lead to great rewards or crushing defeats, but the potential for happiness and fulfillment makes it a risk worth taking.

At-Risk Youth’s “Lysander” is an ode to the eternal gamble we make when exploring a budding romance. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “Lysander,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, At-Risk Youth. We loved “Lysander.” It was such a fresh sound, capturing the angst you feel when you develop feelings for someone! We must ask, what made you go with this love and doubt theme for this release?

That's just the way it turned out. Lyrically, I usually write the chorus first, and the chorus sounded calm, but the bridge, which was the second thing I wrote, sounded somewhat desperate and broken. It all flowed from there, with the song coming together as the concept gradually solidified as I wrote it.

What are your favorite memories together as a band?

That's a tough question to answer. Obviously, being onstage is fantastic, and when a recording finally comes together is always a great feeling, but some of my favorite memories are just jamming and practicing together. There's a real sense of unity that's created as we lock into each other's habits and preferences.

What is your favorite thing about making music?

My favorite thing about making music is creation. I've always been fairly creative and have thrown myself into various forms of writing at different points, but I truly feel that songwriting is what I'm meant to do. That's what I like to do most, is write songs. And that's really what I find most enjoyable about making music–the act of creation.

For those who may be new listeners, how would you describe your sound?

We're a rock band. That's about it. You could argue that we take influences from many different bands and artists, but we're still, at our heart, a rock band. Of course, that means different things to different people, so I'd encourage checking us out.

What’s next for At-Risk Youth? Can we expect to hear more new music soon?

Yes, we're currently working on a full-length album, and we plan to release the first single from it within the next two months. That single is planned to be Big Love, and we're currently working on getting everything ready (cover art, mixing, overdubs, etc.).


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