Athens Singer Cardelia Releases Passionate Single “Set Me Free”

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Singer Cardelia was born and raised in Athens. She recently released her single “Set Me Free”, a passionate song that conveys positive emotion conducted with a light-hearted bubblegum pop approach. Cardelia has a nice vocal tone that’s delivered to us effortlessly and takes credit in driving the song forward. I like the cute, bubbly pop sound this song has. It’s very mainstream-esque and charismatic enough for people to enjoy. The visuals presented to us by this alluring singer was really pleasant to enjoy. I like how she brings us in an atmospheric setting of her hometown.

I’ve always had the urge to travel and view the world. I appreciate Cardelia for showing me a sensational display of how beautiful other locations are. The graceful and engaging video complements the song very well alongside the enthusiastic and encouraging lyricism. Cardelia extends an impactful and eloquent influence in her single while enjoying the moment and having authentic jollification. You can listen to “Set Me Free” here and connect with this joyful, care-free, and positive artist on her social media below!

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Konstantina Kordouli (Cardelia), I am 20 years old and I come from Greece. At the age of 8, I started taking piano lessons and this was my first acquaintance with music. Since then, I have been intensely involved with music and singing. I have been doing various kinds of music studies, so that I may become what I consider to be a complete artist. As an artist, I adore acting and dancing because through them I gain experience regarding not only my stage presence but also the expression of the things I feel while singing a certain song. As a human being and as an artist, I want everything to be made as good as I can and I am always 100% prepared. Currently, I am studying Popular Music Performance and Songwriting in London. This was one of my greatest dreams, to be able to write my own songs someday, to collaborate with other musicians from all over the world, getting all kind of different ideas, and also to study music in the UK. I feel grateful for the experiences I have gained and for my collaborations in music so far. My most important goal is to improve on what I love, day after day.

Can you give us a brief history of your musical career?

At the age of 13, I began studying in the Music Gymnasium - Lyceum of Pallini in Greece, while at the same time I studied modern song with the acclaimed singer Elly Paspala. After an audition, I was accepted in the Children Chorus of the Greek National Opera, where I studied under the well-known soprano Mata Katsouli. The three years I remained in this Chorus gave me the opportunity to get well acquainted with classical music and singing, as well. In the Greek National Opera, I participated in productions of “The Nutcracker”, “Werther” (directed by Spyros Evangelatos) and “Il Barbiere di Siviglia”. Following, I started intensive courses of classical song in the Maria Callas Conservatory, which lasted for two years. When I was 15, I became a member of the Underground Youth Orchestra as a singer. My collaboration with the orchestra and its conductor, Costas Eliades, continues to this day, with performances focusing mainly on classic and modern Greek songs that I perform in concerts and music-theatrical plays, presented all over Greece. This collaboration gave me the opportunity to perform for the first time inside the Great Hall of the Greek Parliament for the celebration of a Greek National Holiday (October 28), and also to be on the same stage with famous artists, such as Dionysis Savvopoulos, Dimitra Galani and Elly Paspala.

With the Underground Youth Orchestra, I also participated in the theatrical plays “LLAWFALL” (directed by Maximos Moumouris), “Yerma” (directed by Konstantinos Aspiotis” and “The Concert of the Forest”. The aforementioned plays gave me the opportunity to work with well-known Greek actors, such as Maximos Moumouris, Akis Sakellariou, Alexandra Aidini, Konstantinos Aspiotis and Omiros Poulakis. Later on, I decided to discover the world of the musical as well, so I took lessons of dance and musical technique in the P.M.T.P. school, with Sia Koskina. On my first steps in England, I also started vocal classes on pop and jazz techniques with the teachers and singers Noga Ritter and Faye Patton. Now I’m in my third year of studies in London (Middlesex University), where I study pop singing and songwriting. Due to the above, a few days ago I released my first song as an artist and a songwriter, called ‘’Set Me Free’’ with lyrics and music by me.

How did you come up with your name? Is there a meaning behind it?

The truth is that I changed my mind a lot of times about how I really wanted the final structure of my name to be. My thought was this: my real surname is “Kordouli” which sounds like the Latin word “Corda”, which means “chord”. With the word Corda I can also associate the words “accord” and “accordo” –all of them being music terms. My first thought was to make my name Corda, but then I wanted it to be something closer to my real surname and with a bit of a sweeter sound also. So, I decided to make it Cardelia.

Do you write your own music? Can you tell us a bit about your writing style?

The composition in general is something that excites me. The first thing I ever do before I start writing a song is to create a concept in my mind. I try to connect emotionally, and then I begin to write all my thoughts on paper. The next step is to find the music and then to be able to match the melody of the song with the lyrics I have been thinking of writing. Generally, it takes a long time for someone to get to the final form of the song. There are always new ideas coming out of nowhere. For example, in my everyday life I like to notice people and sounds around me. If something gets my attention, I record it with my mobile phone or write about how I feel, and that is a way to keep ideas. When I have to write music, normally my heart and my mind create ballads. I love ballads and minor chords, so I can say that they are closer to my preferences. For me, the key to becoming better and better in songwriting is daily practice, even if I have just a few minutes to spare.

We love your new song Cardelia! Can you tell us a bit about it?

Thank you so much! I’m very happy and satisfied with the result and I really did my best. It was my first professional attempt in songwriting, with my own lyrics and music, and it took a lot of work and love to get the result I wanted. It is a modern pop song full of rhythm. it also has elements of a ballad, but with the help of the producer we turned it into EDM House, because I wanted the style to be different, to be something modern. I believe it has the pop industry standards, but without compromising the dynamics of the ballad. At first, you listen to some soft rhythms and as the track progresses, it develops into more powerful and playful sounds with every instrument (beat mixing). In my opinion, it has a chorus that gets easily stuck in your head. The music video that accompanies the song, was shot entirely on location in the region of Ileia and Messenia in Peloponnese, in Greece. The shooting of the music video was a fantastic experience and I had the opportunity to work with amazing colleagues.

Where did the inspiration behind the song come from?

The main inspiration behind this song is that I want to pass a message through it. The feeling of freedom! The lyrics talk about the freedom of the soul. The key meaning is that we all hide inside us our bright and our dark side. It is up to each one of us to discover by ourselves our beautiful side and let it dominate. Ιt’s already there! The key to our paradise is already inside us. We only need to choose it.

What are three things you’d love your fans to know about you?

First of all, that new musical things are coming up… Also, that they can send me suggestions and exchange ideas on music with me, through my social media. And finally, that we are all similar, only just a little bit different. And a fourth one… I love travelling!

Any upcoming shows? For someone who hasn’t seen you live yet, how would you describe your performance? What’s next for you?

In Greece, through my collaboration with the Underground Youth Orchestra, there will be some concerts, theatrical plays and also some new beginnings coming up. In the UK, I will focus more on composing and releasing new pop songs, trying to collaborate with the music industry here as a singer.

As a performer, my greatest need when I am singing live is that the people who are listening may be able to feel and experience, even for a few seconds, something which is not yet familiar to them, to discover something new. I think my heart just connects with my voice and releases whatever it feels at any given moment, thus allowing at the same time the audience to receive what it needs to sense and experience each time around.

Connect with Cardelia on social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/konstantinakordouli

Instagram: www.instagram.com/konna_kor/

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/cardelia