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ATO-MIK Tells A Message With Their New Hit, “Just Do”

The duo ATO-MIK, consists of brothers Atom & Mikey Mic, who are bringing the real from NVC with a message for creating change, staying true, and constant evolvement. Their music is diverse at nature, eclectic hip-hop derived from many different spectrums. From the NYC roots to the smooth sounds of the West coast.

ATO-MIK released the single titled “Just Do” featuring the artist Kyle Bent, and the lyricism showcased in this record was highly and mentally stimulating. The beat was dope with scattered elements across the production, oscillating a nice blend of smooth and aggressive rap. They emoted their message of “Just Do” with a strong sense of passion. Not only did they simply record “Just Do”, but they performed it. You were able to connect yourself with the music due to the realistic effect they placed upon its listeners. You’re captured by the lyrics, serenaded by the hook, channeled in with the vibe of the record. “Just Do” is embroidered with trap effects, lightly overlaying the roots of rap in the production. “Just Do” was a nice offering from these fellas, and we’re sure there’s more to come from them!

Stream "Just Do" here, and keep scrolling for ATO-MIK's exclusive interview!


It’s a brother takeover! Welcome ATO-MIK! Tell us about how it’s been working with your sibling in the music field!

Working as brothers in music has taught us a lot about eachother along with strengthening our relationship. Lots of ups and downs, but at the end of the day we are soul brothers with nothing but love for eachother. Being siblings has kept us cool and motivated, constantly pushing the other one to do better, if we feel they can. Being able to say what we think with no hard feelings as we are very open and confrontational about decisions has helped our progression as artists.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your journey so far? How do you overcome such an obstacle?

Becoming full time artists has been our biggest struggle as we have not been able to focus all our energies on our musical careers as we would like too, in due time. We have been working full time as skilled tradesmen to make ends meet, saving the money to invest back in our musical careers. Hoping for the best and creating opportunities for us to take on a full time music career.

This single “Just Do” seemed to have a strong lyrical presence to it! Mind telling our readers what the possible theme was about?

The theme with Just Do is too not over think things, go with your gut feeling and just do it, everything is a learning experience good and bad. Life lessons come with all of that and if you're not failing sometimes it may be holding back your progression as artists. Trying to keep an open mind along with listening to what others have to say and feel is important to growing as artists.

What inspired you to write this?

We were inspired by the beat to make a deeper connection with the listener, hopefully bring them an aspect of our lives they can relate and cling too. Along with bringing some awareness to issues we may all have to deal with and how we must come together as people to help save this planet.

What’s next for you two?

We have a couple big songs on the way to follow this one up along with playing shows around Vancouver. We have a couple collaborative projects with local artists in the works along with producing and recording some solo projects for a few Vancouver artist’s we are always working on new songs and ideas to bring our visions to life!


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