Audâze Breaks Down Her Past and Upcoming Releases

Over the past decade, the French Singer/Songwriter Audâze has crafted and tweaked her sound to stand the test of time. Often being compared to the likes of Klô Pelgag, Marie-Pier Arthur, and Diane Tell, Audâze is making waves with her latest sweet and savory releases.

Speaking on Audâze's recent release, "Arômes d’étenité," we were happy to feature this dreamy tune as Audâze makes it incredibly hard to ignore such a passionate and deep single like this. Listening to the profound instrumentals and Audâze's poetic lyrical approach, it's safe to say that "Arômes d’étenité" is genuinely a top track of the year.

During a recent interview with us, we got the chance to chat with Audâze about the recent single. When asked about the song's inspiration, Audâze mentioned that it was inspired by feeling torn between envy and reason. Attempting to describe the moments of realizing it might be your last morning with a loved one, Audâze made it incredibly clear within the single itself.

Wanting listeners to take away that each moment should be savored as if it's the last moment on earth, Audâze also wanted her audience to find their meaning and interpretation within the single. Audâze is eager to prepare for 2021 and her future releases. After using organic instrumentation, Audâze is excited to announce her collaboration with Dubstep Producer Wraz while also gearing up for her Electro singles' release.

Be sure to catch Audâze on her ever-changing musical journey, especially as she broadens her horizons with upcoming experimental tunes in 2021.

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