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“Audi Music,” Lets Us Dive into the Depths of Zini’s Creative Mind

Songwriter, Beatmaker and Emcee, Charles Lawrence, better known as Zini, delivers an impactful single, “Audi Music,” sharing his real-life experiences and letting us into his universe.

This Hip-hop artist reigning from North Carolina picked up a notepad and pen when he was only 18 years old and he hasn’t put it down since. His early musical influences have shaped the way he continues to master his craft and his countless dedication has taken him into multiple avenues of the music industry.

“Audi Music,” opens with the full sound of a warming saxophone and sparse keys touching down all while Zini introduces the song in a spoken word overview. Zini begins delivering a boom-bap Hip-hop vibe that allows his vocals to remain on top of the music but blend softly into the powerful bassline and instrumentation.

His ability to transport verses is quite striking, especially with the memorable instrumentation creating a New York City atmosphere that pulls you in.

There is a buildup throughout the record that matches the essence of the real-life content Zini addresses, paired with the strong-willed lyrics and wordplay. What strikes our ears is the deep early 2000’s nostalgia that rumbles through the mind with mellow components that have you bouncing to not only the rhythm but the seamlessly timed rhyme schemes and lyricism.

“Audi Music,” shows us that there doesn’t always have to be a catchy chorus for a song to resonate long after it has ended. Zini has made us fans through his well-crafted lyrics and high energy performances, time and time again.

Congratulations on the release of “Audi Music.” How important is it for you to write about real-life experiences?

Much appreciated, thank you for the time and opportunity! I think it’s very important, I like to say that music is life and life is music. I put my life into my music, and on the other end, someone could relate to parts of my life through music.

What is your favorite place to allow your creative mind to explore?

I don’t have a favorite place at this moment. Most of the time I’ll be in the second bedroom speakers on, instrumental on repeat, my notes open on my phone, and vice of my choosing. When I’m at work, I got the beat on repeat in my headphones and I type lines/phrases and find pockets. When I get the next opportunity I start to write out the actual bars.

Could you please tell us, what was the studio session like for “Audi Music?"

I’m sure like a lot of upcoming artists, I recorded this in my home studio. It took me a while to get the vocals where I needed them. I recorded this song A LOT! Also spent countless hours of mixing.

Where would be your ideal place to perform your music?

Honestly, my ideal place to perform is inside a venue with people that support me. Of course, everyone wants the big stages, but give me a venue with people that support me and we can have a good time there.

What has been your biggest source of inspiration while creating new music, this year?

This year has definitely been a tough one, but my main inspiration has been my mother. To keep watching her having to fight through a multitude of things, I want to make it easy for her. She deserves so much and I’m trying to get it for her!



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