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Austin David’s New Single "Zuma" Is The California Dream You Need

If you ever wondered what a beach would sound like in the form of a song, well now you know. Somehow, Austin David has perfectly captured the laid back vibes of chilling poolside in Hollywood Hills. Originally from Michigan, the singer, songwriter, and producer cut his teeth performing 70’s, 80’s and 90’s era covers, at any bar that would accept him. Once his talent was recognized, he was sent to L.A. to polish his musical style. Since then, the artist has released a few songs on Spotify, including his single "L.I.B." that racked up thousands of views and showcased him as an artist to watch. This song was a testament to the broad talent and capabilities of Austin but was not yet a perfect representation of the music he wanted to make. After some detailed introspection and examination of his music, Austin finally settled on his sound; West Coast Beach Chill, as heard in his new single "Zuma".

To get to where he is now, Austin has dedicated himself to the creation of music, both his and others. Through his work and a deep-seated love for music, Austin has grown as a producer, writer, and vocalist. Today his vibe brings an air of calm and cool to the modern pop genre. With stunning and unique vocals comparable to some of the greatest frontmen in mainstream pop history, Austin is destined to make his mark in the world of pop music.

Listen to Austin David's latest single "Zuma" here.


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