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Austin Riddle Sings A Bittersweet Message In “best believe”

From Birmingham, Alabama, singer-songwriter, producer, and r&b recording artist Austin Riddle catches himself in heartbreak warfare with his latest single, "best believe."

Riddle's music often explores smokey sensual r&b blended with 80s inspired melodic pop sentiments. Having developed his songwriting, production, and vocal skills since childhood, Austin Riddle has landed himself performing for audiences in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New Orleans.

"I just make music as therapy and hope to share that journey with anyone who resonates with it," notes the Birmingham-based recording artist. Recently releasing his emotional and heartfelt single, "best believe," Austin Riddle takes us through the experience of tarnished love and our stubbornness to stay around when all seems broken.

Beginning our journey into Riddle's new song, "best believe," we're met with a heavily reverbed electric guitar melody, soaking our speakers in a melancholy and grunge-like tone. As Austin Riddle's clear and warm vocals begin to serenade us, he lets us in on the turmoil he's seen with a tumultuous relationship.

We adore the dynamic range of this song; as Riddle opens the song with a saddened electric guitar, we quickly transition into an airy 80s drum break that picks up the energy.

As we make our way over to the second verse, these two sonic elements beautifully merge together while Riddle takes us into the passionate hook once again, displaying his endless devotion for someone who breaks his heart time and time again. As his sweet and melodic vocals float towards the outro, Austin Riddle closes the song while reminding us he's not going anywhere.

You "best believe" that Austin Riddle's music is here to stay. Find the singer-songwriter's latest single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Austin Riddle. We admire the passion and relentlessness you've brought to your latest single, "best believe." What inspired you to create a song about staying in a turbulent relationship?

“best believe” was sort of a farewell to a long-lasting relationship that I’m just kind of overwriting songs about. It’s a memoir of how I felt at the time and relates to my commitment and passion at a personal level. No matter who or what it is I love, I have a newfound attitude that I’m always gonna give it everything I have.

Why did you choose to step outside of your r&b comfort zone with "best believe?" What sort of sound were you looking to create with this new single?

I never have a specific reason for “genre-hopping” if that’s okay to say. Sometimes I’ll create these songs in a day or two and on those specific days I’m making the song, I’m usually just feeling a certain vibe whether it’s drill R&B, dream pop, or alt-RnB. On this particular song, I was just vibing with 80s-inspired glow pop. The obvious bass line pulled it all together.

What was your songwriting process like for "best believe?" Was it easy to open your heart and lay it all on the line?

I actually started this song with a soft bassline drop in mind. As a creative, I’m 70% of the time not going into a song with a reason to write a song other than I feel like making music. Sometimes there are things I’m going through that have to get on paper, but this wasn’t the case. I just kind of felt my way through the beat until I found something to cling to.

Could you tell us more about what you want to stand for and represent as an artist? How does your music reflect who you are?

I really want to show what God has gifted me with and use it to spread art in a way that really encourages free-market advantage and get kids who never really saw themselves as “artists” to reach their full potential. I see a lot of pressure to have some free-thinking, avant-garde, sophisticated approach to literally 3 chords and a beat. But it’s just really not that deep. It can be. But it doesn’t have to be. My music is for the kid with a computer that doesn’t think they have it in them. I was that kid. Create. Make something meaningful to you, and read business books until you can merge what you’ve learned from both of them.

What's next for you?

Hopefully touring. Hopefully a song that means something to people. I’m just taking my time and being patient. God will do the rest. Thank you guys for listening.

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