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Austin Ward’s Recent Music Video For His Single “Find the Feeling” Brings Hope When We Need It Most

From Mississippi to Los Angeles, singer/songwriter Austin Ward releases his empowering music video for his single “Find the Feeling”. Mixed by Micheal Freeman (John Mayer, Coldplay, Kevin Garrett), Austin Ward has worked vigorously to keep his Mississippi backwoods charm and tie it in with trendsetting Los Angeles. Which you can evidently hear through his insightful sound, his latest music video for “Find the Feeling” brings his freeing and uplifting imagery to the forefront. With the creative direction that set an incredibly hopeful tone to the video, the timing couldn’t be better for the world to hear Austin Ward’s comforting message.

Austin Ward mentioned that “Find the Feeling” is an ode to the unattainable past, with lyrics that reminisce freedom and inspiration which felt easier to come by. However, with a powerful video supporting his hopeful message of keeping inspiration infinite, he brings us together with the same communal feeling of finding inspiration from all walks of life and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The music video captures clever imagery of Austin Ward sitting alone during a time-lapse of the day, as his message of losing time takes center stage. With independent scenes of Austin in the back of a red convertible enjoying Los Angeles’ scenery and taking time to smell the roses, each scene perfectly translates the song’s message and adds conceptual layers speaking volumes during a time of need. With an overall unifying and hopeful message, “Find the Feeling” brings a sense of peace during these worrisome days.

Listen to “Find the Feeling” here.


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