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Australian Alt-Rock outfit Vancool release New Single “Better Tonight”

Formed by Dion Mariani of Perth, Vancool is an incredible new alt-rock collective making their name known globally. Their new single “Better Tonight” features flanging, swirling guitars to kick off the intro, before chugging through to searching vocals and some wonderfully off-kilter arrangements and fine instrumentation. Stand in the way of this tune at your own risk, it’s an express train of power and interest, blistering drum fills and imaginative changes.

Throughout “Better Tonight” that classic, hard-hitting escapism has finally returned while superb guitar work meets with incredibly appealing vocals that cut through the weight of the soundscape with relevant ease. “Better Tonight” offers an underlying sentiment that seems fairly inspiring and of depth. The poetic references invite the listener to consider these ideas, this advice, and to feel the embrace of the music as its weight and intensity fills the room. The resulting effect is that you feel as if there’s a certain power or possibility within you. Vancool is a band you’re going to want to experience again and again, and I believe that was their main goal with this track. Fearlessly inventive and full of vim, vigor, and style, we look forward to hearing more! 


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