Australian Artist Simon Paparo Knows How To Serenades Us With New Album

Perth born singer/songwriter Simon Paparo has been unleashing his beautiful music on the Australian music scene relentlessly. Since the age of 14 Simon has been carving his own songs and covering others with a fresh energy and raw passion that secures his audience their seats. With shades of such luminaries as Dustin Tebutt and Boy and Bear, Simon is emerging as the new Australian voice since his live Sydney debut.

Now residing in Melbourne, Australia, his musical journey continues with new tracks ready for his latest audience. Paparo’s passion for acoustic guitar is undeniable although his talents stretch to include guitar, harmonica, mandolin, bass, keys and drums. With a musical style that teeters between easy listening alt-folk/pop his influences include Lisa Mitchell, Vance Joy, Bon Iver and City and Colour. He is known to woo a crowd in moments and is a strong melodic performer with a captivating vocal delivery of intelligent lyrics about our time and place. Simon Paparo is an act to watch! The release of his album titled “More Like a Memory Than a Dream” impressed us with its precise chords and absorbing melodies. The first two songs on this album is “Grown” and “The Blue Duck”. Both songs show great differences from one another and actually quite little similarities. “Grown” is more of a mellifluous tune that’s conducted with subdued vocals, emotional conveyed lyricism and rather settled tone. “The Blue Duck” instantly ceases to amaze us as soon as it begins with the riveting harmonica that places you in a setting more suitable to the aesthetic of the album. The tone of Simon’s voice in this single slightly took us by surprise by the way he was able to showcase his deep, chest voice and old country sound.

The next two songs to play are “Gold at Midnight” and “Shadow Throw”. After the first two songs if you think you have an idea on what’s coming next then you’re completely out of pocket! Simon continues to showcase his versatility with a passionate, slightly dream-like single- ”Gold at Midnight” cultivates us with its high pitch vocals, displaying the range this artist is capable of.

“Shadow Throw” is similar to “Grown” as far as the melodic sound, infectious and consuming. And if you feel as if Simon is giving you a break from his spellbinding melodies and romantic lyricism then the next three singles on the album “Fly Screen Door”, “The Drifting” and “Butterfly” transitions in to remind you that there’s no break from this atmosphere you’ve already been placed in! My personal favorite out the three would have to be “Butterfly”. Although all 3 of those singles does a great job conveying emotion, I really felt connected the most with “Butterfly” and whenever Simon took his voice up and down his register it gave me absolute chills! And those chills do not leave when “Flesh & Bone” (One of my personal favorite on this album!) hits you like a wrecking ball with goosebumps from the delivery of sentiments. Simon decides to give us a break from our dwellsome emotions and gives us the feisty, up-beat single “Keep on Keepin’ On” .

Elements of country-rock and funk with a touch of blues creates a lively and charismatic hit strategically placed in the correct chronological order of the album! The next single “Blood’s Thicker Than Water” seemed to cross genre from the country-rock previously projected onto us. The soft-rock sound is supported by the numbed, melancholic resonance by Simon Paparo. This was another one of my personal favorites because it felt so authentic to the artist. The songwriting is impeccable! Then comes “Firefly”, the song hypnotizes us in the beginning with the outer-world feel and undercurrent, making you feel like you’re levitating in the sound of the music alongside the hauntingly vocals that doesn’t go up or down in range.

The closing song off this album is “The White Halls of Saint Vincent’s”. The song begins with the most ear-striking guitar strings and then snatches you into the personal diary of Simon Paparo. The bluesy vocals conveyed Simon’s thoughts and feelings, however in a more metaphorical mannerism. Of course, crediting to the intelligent songwriting of the artist himself. The album as a whole was a complete surprise. It had no singular notion of music. You receive a little bit of folk, with a little bit of western country, alongside a little bit of rock. However you receive a significant amount of authenticity and passionate music that will be remembered.

Listen to the album here.

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