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Avamarie Drops R&B/Pop Anthem Titled “To Be Loved”

Singer-songwriter and dynamic recording artist Avamarie is blessing us with her heavenly musical stylings with a new R&B/pop single, "To Be Loved."

The Los Angeles-based artist is also a dancer, actress, and model. She hails from upstate New York and studies opera, Shakespeare, ballet, and musical theater. With a profound desire to pursue music, Avamarie found herself finishing school in LA and currently living there. She is taking her music career to new heights with releases like the Grateful EP, not to mention new EPs coming soon.

With dreamy, sultry vocals and lyrics of love, longing, temptation, heartache, and strength, Avamarie knows exactly how to spin listeners into her mystical sonic web—and "To Be Loved" is no exception. This stunning new single serves as the perfect introduction to Avamarie's impressive stylings. But if you're a loyal listener, consider it a needed refresh to your playlist.

Expanding on "To Be Loved," this dreamy new single softly opens with lush guitar picking that leads into smooth R&B drums with a subtle, jazzy, New York undertone. You can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl. As she expresses the sensations of walking on air after finding the love of her dreams, the sweet sonics emphasize those emotions with catchy melodies for a truly well-rounded listening experience.

It's a feel-good, uplifting R&B/pop song in which Avamarie confesses her devotion to this special someone, complimented by catchy guitar licks, a heavy bass line, and a bright horn section. It's undoubtedly one of the best modern-day ballads from an independent artist, and somehow, Avamarie makes it look effortless.

Soak up the radiant vibes of Avamarie's stunning new single, "To Be Loved," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, Avamarie! What inspired the lyrical theme of "To Be Loved," and how does it reflect your personal experiences with love and relationships?

I was really inspired by the records Worth it by Raye and Cuff It by Beyoncé. So I knew going into the session I wanted to make a love song that was positive and upbeat. I had a goal to make it the first blissful love song I ever wrote. I was in an era of writing so many heartbreaking songs and I wanted to channel some blissful moments I have experienced with past relationships, although they were fleeting.

I was also watching a lot of Marilyn Monroe movies at the time and was inspired by the characters she played. I wanted this song to be cinematic and lyrically reference love like you see in the movies. I wanted it to be a character; for the hopeless romantics. I think we have all had blissful “perfect” moments in a relationship or at least have just experienced a loving moment with a person. Now whether that lasts is a different story. But I wanted to capture the feeling I have had when everything is going right, if even for a moment.

Can you walk us through the process of creating "To Be Loved?" How did you decide on the blend of R&B and pop to create this bright, uplifting listening experience?

I was really inspired by the records Worth It by Raye and Cuff It by Beyoncé, so I knew horns were going to be a component of this song. I also wanted the song to feel warm and have an R&B drum pattern, but I wanted chords that were bright and upbeat to drive the song, which was more pop-leaning.

What do you hope listeners take away from "To Be Loved" emotionally? How did you want your lyrics to make them feel?

I hope To Be Loved brings my listeners to a place of pure romance; whether a realistic thought they are currently living out with someone, or a dream, or a nostalgic reminiscing thought of when they felt like this with someone. This is the type of song you listen to going down the Pacific Coast Highway in the summertime with your person. For those searching for love, I hope this is a manifesting love song for them where they finally get what they deserve in a relationship. I hope it makes my listeners feel happy and hopeful about love. It is for the hopeless romantics.

With your previous projects and move to Los Angeles, how do you think your music has evolved leading up to "To Be Loved?"

This year, the focus words in my sessions have been cinematic and epic. With that focus, my sound has evolved drastically in the best way. Everything is much bigger, tells a story, and really emerges you into a whole world. I really want to paint a picture for my listeners that they can escape to.

What was your favorite part about creating "To Be Loved"? What part of the process did you enjoy most?

I truly loved every point of making this song. I think the session that stood out the most to me was when the producer Anton and I finished writing and recording everything, particularly the verse3/bridge, and finding the perfect words to fit the melody we already had. It felt like finding the last missing piece to a beautiful puzzle. I also recall the first session we had and I hummed the hook melody on my first freestyle pass and then put the lyrics to it by the end of that session. When I got in my car with the scratch demo, I could not stop listening to it on repeat, and I knew it was something special. That is always. The best feeling.


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