aVIE's Stealing Hearts With New EP Chutney Chasers

Indie band aVIE released their ear-piercing and masterful EP titled “Chutney Chasers”. The first introduction song off their EP is also titled “Chutney Chasers” and this song completely WOW’d me. The amount of different elements composed in this track was mind blowing and replenishing. If this singles backtrack doesn’t compel you and take you into another state of mind then we can guarantee that the silk-like vocals surely will. This song has a sensual vibe to it but it translates into a good deal of different aesthetics simultaneously. It can pass as a trap beat, R&B, Pop. Or even Hip-Hop. There’s a switch from singing to rapping which makes this song so unpredictable. And if that wasn’t enough for you to want to listen, then it could definitely be the relatable and strategical lyricism possessed in this single. I will call this an underlying love song. A song we can add to our simp playlists that consists of artists like 6lack, Khalid, Majid Jordan etc.

However, they are so unique to where the comparison of them to other artists is almost nonexistent. What’s cool and had me intrigued was the ending of this song. The track transitions from the current suave instrumental to a sort of cinematic FX mixed with Rock sound. The whole song keeps you attentive, there’s various of surprises that gets thrown your way within less than 4 minutes of a song and that’s brilliant! Check out their EP and get lost in the soul of it.

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