Award Winning Canadian Musician Dan Mangan Releases Warming Single "Cold In The Summer"

You may know Dan Mangan as the two-time JUNO award-winning Canadian musician who also had a hand in contributing to writing of The Guardian’s Arts section, Montecristo Magazine and Huffington Post Canada.

Dan released his single “Cold In The Summer”, a warming, melancholy yet lighthearted, soft vibe song that we’re absolutely in love with! If it isn’t the melodic acoustic guitar or the subdued drum kick then it’s the vintage aesthetic and soft gritty vocals that cultivates into a beautiful earworm. The lyricism is just an example of intelligent songwriting! Touching base on something rather sad but delivering it in a more happy approach is Dan Mangan’s way of turning lemons into lemonade for his fans.

The lyrics read “If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I’m not gonna catch a cold in the summer” the way we interpreted the poetic lyrics is that life has its ups and downs but sometimes our downs can be heavier on our emotions! However, once we realize we’re constantly dwelling on the negative in life are we really living? I think Dan wants his fans to enjoy the moment, live their life to the fullest extent, do what makes them happy and turn that frown upside down! He conveyed this message well in the visual he released to “Cold In The Summer” which you can find on Youtube..

In the video, Dan Mangan is living his everyday life with a negative mindset. You can catch him falling in water; whether it’s the ocean, pool or a simple waterfall artifact However, he gets right back out of the water and it seems as each time he gets out he’s more happy and in the moment. What’s fun about the visuals in this video is the witty humor and vintage flare that’s exhibited. With film credits going to David Kalb, artist Dan Mangan states:

“David is this freak of nature basketball trick shot dude. I’m friends with his brother. I spent an unreasonable amount of time going through his Instagram videos and appreciated the mixture of skill, absurdity and humor - I thought, this guy could make a funny video.“

It’s obvious Dan Mangan has acquired a loyal fan-base that’s committed to the non-stop perfection that he releases and we believe this song is going to enhance and expand his fan base even more!

Listen to "Cold In The Summer" on Spotify and connect with Dan Mangan on social media below!

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