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AY Shows Us Who's Boss In Her Latest Single "Fake"

Great to be featuring your latest music here on BuzzMusic Ay! What inspired you to write your most recent track "Fake"?

Hey! It’s always awesome to talk to you! The inspiration for ”Fake” came from both personal and witnessed situations. Sometimes people closest to us are not acting in our best interest and it can be hard to figure a way out of those relationships. My solution in the song is to reflect that “Fake” behavior back by not engaging in the drama at all, letting it roll off your back. The conflict with this is in a way you too aren’t being fully authentic.

How did the songwriting process for "Fake" compare to the recording process?

They happened all at once! When I first heard Anthony Resta’s guitar riffs in the studio the lyrics melody and other elements came together immediately.

We know how big of an impact music has had on your life thus far. Can you try to explain to our readers the personal connection you feel with music, and how it has changed your life?

Music is my life. Since I was a child I was so moved by music and for whatever reason, I was able to create it. I knew immediately I wanted to recapture that feeling of connection with artists that inspired me by sharing my own art with others.

Do you feel like you face any predominant challenges in the music scene? What kind of challenges have you faced that have ultimately shaped you as an artist today?

The biggest and only challenge that matters to me is capturing the vision I have of an idea, perfecting that to the best of my ability, then setting it free. As I grow through my relationship with myself and the world, my creative process grows and changes too. The process never really ends.

Are you planning on playing any shows in the upcoming future?

Yes! I’m rehearsing my latest show now as I finishing work on some new releases coming soon. Follow me on my social media pages for updates on show locations and what’s coming next!

Listen to Ay's latest single "Fake" here.



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