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B-Cryptik Released “Temples & Pyramids”

B-Cryptik is a man with a story. His life experiences have shaped him into the man and artist that he is today, totally unstoppable. B-Cryptik grew up on the rough streets of South-Central LA, always unsure of where he’d sleep next or where his next meal would come from. Fortunately, with time and patience he was able to find his own home for himself and family. The experience of living the ruthless life of LA’s streets has made him incredibly thankful for everything, making him take nothing for granted. Music has been the only thing that stuck it out with him through his entire troubled upbringing, so he now creates his own music to pay his homage.

Inspired by legendary artists like Snoop Dogg, The Game, Dr. Dre, and Nate Dogg, B-Cryptik will serenade you with his meaningful lyrics and G vibes. “Temples & Pyramids” is his newest release and I promise it will blow your mind! Its harmonious, smooth, complex, and heavy. In this track B-Cryptik brings to the table many issues that are being faced in today’s society like “Before all the struggles of slavery and evil industries, there were young native children running free, a perfect system with no oppressors just wild life and trees as far as the eye can see”. Wow… these lyrics hit deep and are really eye opening.  In the past and present there is undoubtedly a great amount of corruption in society, and B-Cryptik does an amazing job of bringing these relevant issues to light. I also really like how he raps “a perfect system with no oppressors just wild life and trees as far as the eye can see”. It makes me realize how there are not only social issues that need to be addressed by society, but the environment needs to be given priority too. B-Cryptik is unquestionably one of the realest rappers that I’ve heard from the new era, and he can be compared to other conscious rappers such as J Cole. Make sure to stay on the lookout for new releases from B-Cryptik before he blows up!

Listen to “Temples & Pyramids” here and get to know more about B-Cryptik below!

Thank you for telling us about your story! How does your upbringing impact the music that you make today?

My upbringing definitely reflects and impacts the music I create. I've had, what some might consider, a very dark, difficult, and reckless past that has left chronic trauma and scars. I don't expect sympathy and I'm actually glad it all happened. It taught me to mature, grow and understand people, life and how the world works at a very young age.

“Temples & Pyramids” definitely talks about some heavy and important topics that we face in today’s society. What inspired you to write this track”?

This song was inspired by the recent murser of a neighborhood icon Nipsey Hussle. This man was a self-sufficient business man, philanthropist, and father. His passing was devastating to the black community and to Hip-Hop/Rap. This sparked the fuel for me to speak up against People of Color (P.O.C) crimes that are crippling our own communities.

What is one thing that you want for listeners to take with them from your new release?

I really wish for the listeners to perceive the message as they see fit when it comes to the metaphors. As long as they grasp the true meaning and importance of the message I'm portraying in the song, that's all I can ask for.

What are some of your most important goals as an artist?

Besides reaching people on a personal and relative level, I feel honesty, transparency, and knowledge are very important to me when it comes to writing my lyrics, as an artist and as a person in general. There's no doubt about those goals.

Where do you see yourself and your career in 5 years from now?

In five years I hope to make music my full time career. I'll also have a full roster of independent, talented artist in my Record Label/Network where we'll rise together contract free and support each other financially, spiritually and mentally.


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