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All Good Vibes From B. Lamar With His Latest Release "East LA"

B. Lamar is a self made musician by producing, writing and sometimes even

mixing his own songs. His genres range from club bangers, catchy pop singles, rap and love

songs. His fanbase has continually grown as he releases a song every month on Spotify, Apple

Music, Tidal and all streaming channels.

Echoing reverb runs are heard in the intro of Bryant Lamar’s track “East LA”. Smooth

and collected, the song progresses into a chill, longing love song. Reminiscing over a lover, B.

Lamar recollects memories of when he was in high school while continually providing a chill

beat. A collection of somewhat R & B as well as slight reggaeton is what this song primarily

consists of. Although, the mood is somewhat nostalgic and the topic is rather sad, B. Lamar is

able to keep the energy up in a way that encapsulates his story for the listener. B. Lamar

definitely has his own sound, and should be given props that this track was produced and

written by himself which is a talent in itself. It is no wonder he has over 10k listens on Spotify

and has been put on over 300 playlists. This artist will definitely be on yours.

Listen to "East LA" here, and use the links below to connect with B. Lamar!



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