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B4thursday Puts The Hype On Ice In "No Commotion"

Going by the moniker, B4thursday, this self-produced artist is coming up for a breath of fresh air from the underground music scene. B4thursday created this name after the events of a crazy Wednesday night, and it matches the ambiance emitted from his mind-altering music.

"No Commotion" is the latest single released from B4thursday. Touching on winding paths of genre fusion, we submit ourselves to the ethereal atmosphere created in the comfort of this laidback instrumentation. We can't help but gravitate towards the mood-altering quintessence carried in the vocal delivery and rhythmic foundation's seamless mesh.

Applying the chilled wave of mesmerizing tones in the lyrics that he brings to life, B4thursday has us sinking into our seats a little deeper as we wrap our heads around the descriptive wording that presents vivid illustrations. The entirety of "No Commotion" sets sail on the seas of personified dreamscapes that are draped in mellow lyricism. We have to appreciate the messaging that B4thursday emits as he collides with Lo-fi aesthetics. To not normally share too much about himself as an individual, we are opened up to the way his mindset operates in the world of creativity.

"No Commotion" is that song that you can have playing throughout your day as you become one with the intoxicating melodies shed. With B4thursday taking a new approach to how he releases his music, his listeners should be on the lookout for the gems that this artist will drop in 2021.

Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “No Commotion.” What is the meaning behind this song and what inspired you to create it?

I wrote this song about a girl that I was really in love with. We’d hang out and ride around in my old Honda Accord. I’m no brilliant lyricist. But, I do write songs about my life and how I’m feeling. I think most people would relate to what I’m saying. I know some folks might be going through a hard breakup phase, so I try to make the whole experience somewhat groovy.

Do you happen to have a favorite part of the creative process that resonates with you the most?

The writing process would be the best part of the creation process. I like to play the beat over and over while freestyling to it. Something I tend to do with all my music. Some might think my lines aren’t that deep, but the purpose of my writing style is to make it feel relatable.

What would you like your listeners to take away from, “No Commotion?"

I want them to hear my songs and feel something. Whether it makes you feel wonderful, wistful, sorrowful, or downright soppy, they should take away some type of vibe from it.

With the year off to a running start, what can your audience expect to see from you in 2021?

There’s new music on the way for sure. I’ve been experimenting with different sounds and doing collaborations with close friends. I’m also working on an EP, bond to be release before the summertime. My new song “changed” is out now on all streaming platforms.


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