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Back Again With A Hot New Track, TEFO Drops “Decline”

Hailing in Toronto, Canada, TEFO (Truth, Enlightenment, Freedom, Opportunity) is releasing new music consistently. His Afrobeat and EDM sound and powerful energy set him apart in today’s music industry. As a musician and a producer, TEFO is experienced in the music industry. TEFO has toured across Canada and has received international radio play. 

“Decline” is an empowering track and motivational anthem to have faith in yourself and realizing your self-worth when no one else does. It’s about taking control of your decisions and respecting yourself. TEFO is not going to answer the calls from this past love, he has more respect than that. T;s almost as if this track is the perfect follow up to TEFO’s previously featured track “Play Play”.TEFO is known for his catchy Afrobeats and EDM flow and he keeps things consistent with his much anticipated release “Decline”. TEFO is always aiig to galzanie the music industry with his high energy delivery and good vibes. Fused with the colorful sound arrangements of TEFO’s spectacular voice, the tone and range in his original vocals is hypnotizing. The lyricism and emotion behind his words is captivating throughout the single and I’d love to know the inspiration behind this track. 

Check out “Decline” here, you won’t be disappointed!


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