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Back And Better, KVNE Released “Ballerina”

KVNE is back! And we know he never fails to disappoint with his releases! He released his latest single titled “Ballerina” and this vibe will have you mesmerized! From previous hearings of KVNE music, I just knew he would deliver a song that will have me consuming every aspect of it. He has that flare to his artistry that turns you into a fan by instance. What I loved most about “ballerina” was how KVNE introduced the Spanish dialect into the arrangement of the song. This element spiced the record up a little bit more and made the song more infectious. The Spanish were smoothly executed in the delivery and lyricism, while still presenting a nice soulful RnB vibe. This was super dope and created the most memorable moment for the listener! KVNE writing style is inspired by life experiences, accompanied by his smooth R&B melodies and rumbling 808 trap percussion, KVNE undoubtedly demonstrates his versatility. With musical influences such as Tory Lanez, Post Malone, and Blackbear, his sound is catered to audiences across the board. “Ballerina” can resonate well with many of the contemporary R&B lovers & young audience of urban music while still remaining mature enough to reach an older crowd. This makes KVNE a well-rounded artist with a lot of potential of appealing to the GP market of music!

Check out Ballerina here!


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