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BACKHOUSE Shows Off Their Sweet Side With “Fruit Breakfast”

BACKHOUSE emerged from a small beach town in New Jersey called Bradley Beach, where they developed their alternative, psych sound. In July of 2019, BACKHOUSE made their debut with their first single, and they are back in 2020 to continue.

BACKHOUSE’s recent track “Fruit Breakfast” is their first music video release, directed by Howl Peak Productions, and highlights their smooth, alternative sound. “Fruit Breakfast” uses soft sounds and percussion to accompany the low and sedative vocals. The song has an overall serene feeling, very pleasant and comforting to listen to. BACKHOUSE uses minor progressions that give the song a sad sounding atmosphere, even though the lyrics are sweet and tender. They encompass the feeling of waking up to someone you love, and how even the mundane tasks like fixing breakfast are exciting when you are with the right person. This simple, affectionate song will give you butterflies and help remind you of happy times when going through dark ones. Their sound is perfect for anyone who loves Cage The Elephant or Smashing Pumpkins, as BACKHOUSE has a similar atmosphere around their songs. This is just the beginning for them, so be make sure to keep an eye out for more from BACKHOUSE.

Listen to "Fruit Breakfast" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, BACKHOUSE! As a relatively new band, what are some challenges you have had to face while trying to stand out in the music business?

It’s certainly a challenge to get booked when your new, and nobody knows you yet. Even when people listen they don’t see you and get to know your face, who you are. That is a challenge.

Has music always been a goal of yours? What brought you down this career path?

Yes, we all goal set towards music as an expression. This band happened on a whim, we were invited by our friend to play a show, before even having a band name in mind. After coming off the stage the first time the curtain pulled, we all look at each other like “yeah, I guess we're a band now.”

Thank you for sharing “Fruit Breakfast” with us at BuzzMusic, we loved the sound you have created as a band! What unique element does each band member add to the stylings of BACKHOUSE?

Taylor - The warm-toned guitar sounds & vocals.

Kyle- Glueing in the groove on bass.

Trevor - Stringing together earworm melody on keys and synth.

Walton - Hammering solid beats on drums.

Can you give us a deep dive into the meaning behind "Fruit Breakfast"?

“Fruit Breakfast” is a lovers' ballad. It’s all about living in the now and this song is a story of calling out of work. Only to be with your significant other all day long.

What does BACKHOUSE have planned for the rest of 2020?

We would like to visit new cities but for now, we are just trying to keep recording new music/songs at New Future Studios. There’s been talk of possibly stringing together a compilation style release. However, we just want to remain inspired as this year unfolds.

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