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Backseat Vinyl Strikes the Industry With Their Transcendent Single “Bad Trip”

Denver based rock band Backseat Vinyl returns with their emotional and hard-hitting single titled “Bad Trip”. Backseat Vinyl was formed in high school, consisting of Nate Fuller (vocals/guitar), Clara Louise (bass) and Keenan Clarke (drums). Drawing inspiration from west coast groups like Fidlar, Wavves, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, etc. Backseat Vinyl’s indulgent and explosive single “Bad Trip” captures that solemn feeling of being lost without someone, while getting their message across with dynamic and upbeat rock instrumentation. From soaring electric guitar riffs to throbbing and complex drum patterns, Backseat Vinyl effortlessly has us at the edge of our seat.

“Bad Trip” opens with Nate Fuller’s heavy and layered electric guitar, sliding up and down the neck establishing the tracks' main melody. With Keenan Clarke’s snappy and quick percussion perfectly supporting Backseat Vinyl as a whole. Once we’re met with Nate Fuller’s riveting yet saturated vocals from what sounds like a telephone effect, “Bad Trip”s sweet and sour atmosphere is clearly established. Nate sings lyrics of missing someone in times of solitude, what we’re all currently experiencing. As the track progresses, Clara Louise’s textured and pulsing bassline extends to great lengths, perfectly rounding out Backseat Vinyl’s “Bad Trip” in an incredibly sculpted way. It’s evident that Backseat Vinyl shares music from the soul and we’re looking out for what they come up with next.

Listen to "Bad Trip" here.

Hey Backseat Vinyl, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re very excited to feature your soaring single “Bad Trip”. We’ve heard the track stems from the bands' sorrows in 2019, and coping with them day by day. Was there an “Ah-ha!” moment for BackseatVinyl when first plotting what is now “Bad Trip”?

We were all pretty excited to play “Bad Trip” after the demo was made, but once we played it live randomly before it’s a release we figured it was gonna be a good song. 

Your single “Bad Trip” captures an incredibly relatable message overtop rhythmic electric guitar, bass, and drums. Could you tell us about the recording process, and how Backseat Vinyl went about creating “Bad Trip”?

We recorded “Bad Trip” at The Spot Studios in Evergreen. We’ve been recording with those guys for years and it’s where we’re currently recording our sophomore album as well. It’s always fun recording with them. We usually record all the instruments on the first day and then hit vocals the second day. We follow that up with margaritas and whatever else sounds fun. On the third day, they usually mix the song while we sleep in. 

We’ve heard that Backseat Vinyl was formed back in high school, three friends coming together to share their love for a variety of rock. Since then, how do you think Backseat Vinyl’s sound has progressed and grown over time?

For years we really didn’t know where we wanted to take our music. Of course, there were bands we wanted to sound like but it didn’t fit with us since we weren’t them. I think we grew out of that naturally and just started making music that we genuinely enjoyed making. Currently, we’ve stripped down our sound and kept it simple and raw. It’s like some speed demon punk right now haha. 

You’ve mentioned that “Bad Trip” is your second single offBackseatVinyl’s upcoming sophomore album. What made the group want to push “Bad Trip” to follow up the lead single? Do both “Heads” and “Bad Trip” sum up your upcoming album?

We’re planners. Once the first demo for “Bad Trip” was made we put it on the list of potential singles. We just thought the song would spark a lot of excitement. “Heads” and “Bad Trip” and very similar in speed and intensity, but they don’t sum up the album. We knew that if we wrote every song like this it would all sound the same. We got weird on this album. 


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