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Bad Beginnings Makes a Grand Entrance With Debut Single, "Truth Is"

Atlanta’s American rock duo Bad Beginnings was formed in 2021 with lifelong friends, Douglas Cochran and Kayla Warren.

Fresh to the scene with an energetic Pop-Punk front that hones in on nostalgic Rock influences, this band allows their emotionally driven lyrics to pave the way into their audience’s heart.

Collaborating with Chicago-based vocalist and producer BVLVNCE, Bad Beginnings puts forth their debut single, “Truth Is.” Exuding an amplified universe that touches down with impactful percussion and sustaining guitar riffs, you’re immediately swept into the slight 2000’s feel that they portray through the angst and energy offered up. Exclusively illuminating an intensified structure in the instrumentation, Bad Beginnings allows us to get hooked on the charm and familiarity heard throughout the repetitious patterns performed.

Although the progressions remain memorable with the cohesive reiteration, Bad Beginnings keeps it fresh with sprinkling unique twists throughout the song's three-minute time span. As the cascading vocals flow effortlessly over the soundscape in a way that permits the angst to seep into the unapologetic persona presented, we feel that the strength of this debut for Bad Beginnings is a leaping start into the industry while they continue to diligently work with BVLVNCE on their forthcoming EP, ‘Hoping For The Best.’

Luring us deeper into the lyrical motifs that form the raging quintessence of “Truth Is,” the words conveyed are thought-provoking with how they infiltrate your mind. ‘The truth is, I have found out who I am. The trouble is, it’s someone I can’t stand,’ is a prime example of how Bad Beginnings are ready to flood your soundwaves with cognizant realizations.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Bad Beginnings, we are thrilled to be tapping in with your debut single, “Truth Is.” As your introduction to the industry, what do you think this song says about you as a band and as individuals?

The song is reminiscent of late 1990s Rock and early 2000s Pop Punk, as we grew up learning to play blink-182 and Green Day on guitar. However, lyrically, “Truth Is” embodies our true love for the 2004 - 2006 Emo scene, as our writing contains a darker edge that we believe contrasts with the style of our music, but compliments our general aesthetic. Most of the songs from the upcoming EP (“Hoping For The Best”) share a similar tone to “Truth Is,” so we felt it was the best way to introduce ourselves as a band.

How did the collaboration with BVLVNCE come to be? Could you please shine a light on everyone’s involvement with “Truth Is?"

We had been discussing starting a band for years and the pandemic created space and time for songwriting and ideas that we had traded over the years to grow, but we were missing the vocal piece of the songs. We found Dave (Hansen) on YouTube, and we were able to reach out to arrange a vocal feature for one song. We were so impressed with the results from the first song that we approached him about taking a permanent role as the vocalist for BadBeginnings. However, he is busy with his own musical venture, BVLVNCE, but agreed to assist with vocals through the production of "Hoping For The Best."

What does your audience have in store when it comes to the forthcoming EP, ‘Hoping For The Best?'

On June 4th, we will be releasing another single from the EP, also titled “Hoping For The Best,” as we finish production. The new release contains a lot more nostalgic energy and angsty, self-deprecating lyrics. We are also hoping to hit home with a nostalgic throwback cover song in the near future, that will speak to a lot of listeners' upbringing.

What is your mission statement as a band? How does that glisten through your brand and music?

To always be authentic; we can only speak from our experiences, and we hope that it shines through our music. We want our listeners to be attached the moment they hear our songs. We want “Truth Is” to be played out loud with the windows down when you’re feeling down, lost, or nostalgic.

What's next for you?

We are focusing on releasing our EP, “Hoping For The Best,” in late 2021. However, Kayla and I never know how to truly take time off; so, we will probably jump back into work on another album or project. With live concerts coming back, we would love to begin playing shows and possibly touring with other bands!

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