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Bailey White Brings Authenticity to "Without A Memory"

Originally from Florence, Alabama, singer-songwriter Bailey White has a knack for

authentic sound and soulful style. Her influences come her southern upbringing as well as

inspiration from stripped acoustic sounds. Acoustic artists such as Gavin DeGraw and Mare

Broussard have also inspired her acoustic and raw sound.

Bailey’s debut EP “What To Say” includes the track, “Without A Memory” which is a soft

acoustic song aided by guitars and a pulsating rhythm. Her EP was produced by Grammy Award

Winner Jimmy Nutt and well-renowned songwriter James LeBlanc. Bailey’s vocals are nice and

warm with a cooling melody. Gentle piano counter melodies are heard with the continuation of

the guitars. This genre of music is not so much country as it is bluegrass. Bailey White brings a

charming take on music with heartfelt lyrics and a homey sound. Like the rest of her album,

Bailey keeps the authentic sound going. Each section of the song comes cohesively together

providing a sense of longing and nostalgia of someone or something, begging the question of

what is without a memory. Listen to Bailey White once, and you will in awe of her beautifully

arranged and composed music.


Add Bailey's "Without A Memory" to your Spotify playlist, and get introduced to the artist through our interview below!


Hey Bailey! Can you tell us a bit about yourself!

I am a singer-songwriter based in the historic music town of Muscle Shoals where Aretha Franklin, The Rolling Stones, and many others have recorded. It used to be a previous recording capital of the world, and is what originally got me into music. I come from a family of athletes, my brother plays college football, mom is a personal trainer, and my dad used to play pro football. But, musicians have always said it was something in the air here that inspired the music and I believe that. I definitely caught the music bug. 

What prompted you to pursue music professionally as a career?

I originally started pursing a career professionally in music at 17 as an artist manager. I was missing many days my senior year of high school because I began managing an act I discovered on YouTube and help land him a deal with a local publishing company. After that, I realized that I had the knowledge and experience to pursue my own career in music and began doing just that. I worked on demos in Nashville for a while while attending Belmont University but ultimately felt drawn back to Muscle Shoals to create my record. I wanted to capture the feeling that everyone loved about the music that came from the area but in a fresh way. 

What was the thought/concept behind your EP, “What To Say”?

That’s what led to the concept behind my EP - I discovered all the music I listened to on YouTube because it was a big platform starting out when I was younger and my parents never listened to much music, and I discovered the world of early 2000s live acoustic music. Gavin DeGraw, Marc Broussard, Jason Mraz, Eric Hutchinson, John Mayer, Maroon 5 - all of these guys when playing live really made me feel like I found a “home away from home” with their sound. I felt like it all captured the soul and authenticity I loved so much from Muscle Shoals, and I then wanted to make an EP that was a blend of the early 2000s “new” and the “old” of The Shoals. 

"Without A Memory" is a great tune. We loved it a lot. Can you tell us a bit about the creation process of this single?

This really came together on the track you mentioned “Without A Memory.” I’m so glad you love it! When creating this song, it was one that I wrote by myself and I felt like really showed a personal side of myself that can be a flaw or a strength. I always see the best in people and situations, and that song was kind of me taking a moment and accepting that while it may not always be the best approach when it comes to my heart, I cherish all the memories I make. At that time I didn’t care if I had my heart was broken, I just wanted to be able to look back and be able to smile about a story. When we were recording that song though that’s the moment that truly made my sound come to life. I will never forget when James LeBlanc, my producer and well-renowned songwriter, added his background vocals to the track. Most all of the guys I work with here are much older than I am since the town has an old soul. When we all listened back that was the moment we really felt the mix of old and new had made something special. 

Which lyric line connects the most with you from the song?

The lyric that really connects with me the most would be “Now that I’ve tasted this feeling you could give to me - I can’t carry on without a memory.” When I wrote that, I really was talking about that moment when you realize something has made your heart race a little faster and you have to see what might come from it, no matter if it’s right or wrong. 

What can we expect to see from you through 2019?

I have so many exciting things coming! We just finished recording the acoustic version of my EP “What to Say.” As I mentioned earlier, acoustic will always be something near and dear to my heart, and it has been something I’ve been very excited to do. The songs take on a whole new life when they are acoustic, and really capture an intimacy that I am excited to share. It will be releasing this Spring. 



Check out Bailey White through her Website and Instagram.


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