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Band Highlight: Maso·K·ist Was on Fire During 2019

Maso·K·ist is back again, and this time, to look over their 2019 year! One single that this year heard from Maso·K·ist was "Sex Sells". Maso·K·ist captures the essence of what we know punk/rock to be: intense and grungy. The sound is so incredibly familiar to soundings we've heard in the early 2000's era. The only element that is contrasting to that period is the more modern refinement of their production, which sees an integration of explorative synths. The same type of refinement is present in another 2019 release: "Desert Whales". However, this track features components that are more drawn-out and rock-concentrated.

Once we come across tracks like "Ignorance Is Piss" we're exposed to that raw vocal execution that has an insanely expressive style. This is the kind of track that hosts heavy punk and metal factors. It introduces itself with a collection of drums and guitar riffs, which then quickly transforms into the vocal offerings from the band's lead singer. Every aspect of the song was enriched with bold and raging passion. Once we end the near of the track, we're brought into a more enhanced and escalated feel. Overall, whenever we hear the stylings of Maso·K·ist, we know they remain consistent with their delivery, and yet, blossom their sound with every release. They allure listeners in with their dark sound and keep that attention maintained with their unique persona. We know for the music to come, Maso·K·ist will release tracks that display their sound as encapsulating phantasm elements.

Listen to Maso·K·ist here.

Hey again, Maso·K·ist! It's awesome that we have a chance to catch up again so soon! All in all, the group has had a successful year with consistently releasing expressive music. How do you feel about your artistic performance during the entirety of 2019?

Masokist eagle: “All in all I’d say it’s been a very good year for us. I never actually thought I’d ever have a record see the light of day so it was a very serendipitous experience for everyone involved, and I really appreciate the hard work everyone put into making this happen.

Can you describe to our readers what type of sound you were aiming to reach during 2019? Do you all find that Maso·K·ist has piqued its potential with what was released in


M.e.: “ I was definitely going for a sound that was very nostalgic of the 90’s, a sound that’s familiar but not forgotten… I was really trying to create music that in my adolescence I’d turn to when there was nowhere else for me to go. In a way, my ‘Sex Sells’ ep is me looking at myself and the evolution I’m gone through as a person from being a young child to an adult and acknowledging the ‘bad parts’ of me that developed from the culture and society I was born into. These songs are me thinking for myself for the first time and becoming better and more dangerous from it…. and there’s more danger to come.”

"Ignorance Is Piss" has such vigor and ferocity, both in terms of vocals and instrumentals. Does this energy come naturally to the band, or is there a sort of "stage-presence" factor involved?

M.e: “Thank you for saying that, thank you so much. Aggression is my profession so I’d say yes it comes naturally.”

What's the favorite track of each member that Maso·K·ist has collectively released during 2019?

“It’s been a while since I’ve talked to the boys in the band about the tracks on our record, but I really enjoy ‘Pro-Create Hate’ because the chorus is fun to sing live. I recall my drummer Jordan Lysenko thoroughly enjoyed performing ‘Ignorance Is Piss. And of course everyone loves ‘Desert Whales’ except for me.

Being from Vancouver Island, do you find that the music scene there encourages the directionality of the band and your overall sound?

M.e: “Honestly, I live on the part of the island where if you want to experience music you go to the f*cking strip club, you go the strip club and you watch perverts watch people get naked… it’s really lame and perhaps I’ll be a stripper one day. Considering the sexual drive behind a lot of our lyrics I’d say yeah… the music scene here does encourage our directionality and overall sound then.”

Thanks, Maso·K·ist for taking the time to speak with us again! We hope to see the band again soon. In the meantime, what does Maso·K·ist have planned next in the upcoming year!

M.e: “Chaos never has a plan."



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